Choosing a suitable washing machine for the home is often fraught with uncertainty. After all, most buyers do not understand the jargon used by the companies. That is why it is important to do some research into what each machine offers. You need to look at how it does or does not match your requirements.

For a small household, a machine with a loading capacity of 6–8 kg should be enough. While the fully automatic feature is very handy, it uses much more water. So, keep the water supply of your area in mind while making a choice. Now, medium-range washing machines can be a bit difficult to fit into a monthly budget. So, you could look at EMI options from finance companies like Baja Finserv.

To help you make the right choice, here is a list of 10 great fully automatic top load washing machines. Each of them is available for less than Rs 20,000.

  1. Whirlpool 702SD (7 kg): This model is one of the best buys if you have a Rs 20,000 budget. It has Sixth Sense Technology, which adjusts water level, heat, and detergent quantity depending on the fabric you are washing.
  2. IFB-TL-RDW Aqua (6.5 kg): The Aqua 6.5 is one of the most economical models you can choose. It has remarkably low power use. You will be spending just Rs 7–8 per hour on electricity with this model.
  3. Godrej WT 620 CFS (6.2 kg): Despite the smaller drum size, this Godrej model is one of the best medium-range choices. It has Force 4 technology, which gives a better wash than many of the higher-priced models.
  4. Electrolux ET70ENERM (7 kg): This Electrolux model has a great look and powerful features. It is smart enough to weigh your clothes and suggest how much detergent you will need per wash.
  5. Samsung WA65H4200HA/TL (6.5 kg): The wobble pulsator washing technology used in this Samsung model is great. It gets even the toughest stains out with a lower use of detergents.
  6. Whirlpool AG Power Wash 6212SD (6.2 kg): The metal rust-proof body makes this model sturdy and long-lasting. Meanwhile, the scrub pads in the wash drum ensure spotless cleaning.
  7. LG T72FFC22P Washer Dryer (6.2 kg): Apart from other awesome features, the LG Washer Dryer boasts of a completely silent and vibration-free performance.
  8. Panasonic NA-F62HS3RRB (6.2 kg): Washing sarees is a problem for most machines. But this Panasonic model provides a wash feature that lets you wash your sarees with ease. No more getting them tangled with other clothes.
  9. Onida WO62TSPLDD1 (6.2 kg): This Onida model goes easy on the use of electricity. It offers a crease-free rinse as well. That means you can use most garments directly without ironing.
  10. Whirlpool Stainwash D Clean DC65 (6.5 kg): The best feature of this model is the hard-water wash. This prevents hard-water damage to your clothes and your machine.

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