You have to process and store a wealth of data at work. After a point, your computer may run out of storage. What do you do then? You turn to one of the handiest and most indispensable gadgets available today: the pen drive. From Excel sheets to movies, these tiny gadgets can store anything and everything. Never run out of space when you have a pen drive in your pocket.

Top picks: Pen drives that pack a punch

Check out these 11 top performers at Ezone. These will bring extra storage power to your workstation. They can help you stay productive all day, every day.

  1. Transcend JetFlash TS32GJF510G 32GB Pen Drive: Are you tired of boring black and steel pen drives? This pen drive is perfect for you. It comes in gorgeous gold and has a storage capacity of 32 GB.
  2. Sony USM X USM64X/B 64GB Pen Drive: Store as many movies, songs, and eBooks as you like with this pen drive. It comes with a 64GB storage capacity. Besides, its stunning transfer speed makes it four times faster than other pen drives.
  3. PhotoFast Evo IFDEVO16GB 16GB i-Flash Drive: This impressive pen drive has a very fast transfer rate. Besides, its USP is secured file encryption. You will not get this on other pen drives.
  4. Sony USMX USM32X/W 32GB Pen Drive: If you love the colour white, you will love this pen drive. It offers all the storage you need, is a reliable performer, and looks classy.
  5. Transcend JetFlash TS32GJF810 32GB Pen Drive: This pen drive will appeal to sports lovers with its rugged looks, and black and blue theme. Do not worry about dropping and damaging it because it meets military drop-test standards.
  6. SanDisk Cruzer Blade SDCZ50-016G-A46 16GB Pen Drive: Are you looking for an economical pen drive? In that case, this pen drive fits the bill. It has an ultra-compact design and you can even password protect your data.
  7. Sony 16GB USM8GM/BC2/E Black Micro Vault: If compactness tops your priority list, it hardly gets more compact than this. Do not be fooled by the tiny size. This pen drive can store up to 16GB of data.
  8. Transcend JetFlash TS8GJF510S 8GB Pen Drive: Just because you are on a budget does not mean you cannot have a pen drive that looks good. This silver pen drive will look very impressive on your workstation.
  9. Sony USMSA USM32SA1/B 32GB Pen Drive: Here is yet another great pen drive from Sony. It supports Android and is compatible with tablets and smartphones.
  10. HP V-210W 16GB Utility Pen Drive: Sleek is the buzzword for this pen drive. Given its storage capacity of 16GB, you will not run out of storage space anytime soon.
  11. Transcend JetFlash TS16GJF380G 16GB OTG Pen Drive: This 16GB gold-coloured pen drive will add style to your dull desk. In fact, you might start making excuses never to put it away.

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