The air conditioner with inverter is a relatively new entrant in the Indian AC market. However, you might not be aware of how big a leap this technology has made from traditional AC technology.

Let’s say you’re thinking of buying an AC; you’ll want to check and make sure that you’re making the right choice between these 2 options.

This holiday season, as you start considering your Diwali purchases, let us take a look at the inverter AC, its features, and how it compares to the traditional AC; India is a country where the inverter AC can put you at a true financial advantage—let’s take a look at how it does this.

What is an Inverter AC?

An Inverter AC is an air conditioner that can do everything a traditional AC can, but in a faster and more efficient way. This means that your electricity bills are reduced and that you can get your desired temperature much faster than when you use a traditional, non-inverter AC.

How Does it Work?

The AC is fitted with an inverter that, in simple words, tells the compressor to slow down and speed up instead of telling it to switch on and switch off. This means that the power-consuming stop/start cycles, which are typical of traditional air conditioners, are altogether avoided.

This simple-sounding technology significantly reduces the amount of electricity consumed, and indirectly, your electricity bill as well!

Now that you’re aware of the basic working idea, let’s take a look at how the inverter AC compares to the traditional AC.

  • Save Money
    The compressor on an inverter AC does not keep turning on and off— as you read earlier, it simply slows down and speeds up. This reduces the consumption of electricity, and with the alarming bills your traditional AC can cause, this is simply a factor you can’t ignore.
  • Effective Cooling
    Thanks to its technology, an inverter AC can actually cool your room considerably quicker than its traditional counterpart. Since a traditional AC compressor either works at full or zero power, it can cause overcooling, as well as small intervals of undercooling. The inverter AC keeps your room at your desired temperature, no more and no less!
  • Variable speed and tonnage
    The nature of the inverter AC means that it can vary not only its speed but also its tonnage. This can be explained through an illustration: let’s say you have two 1.5 ton ACs, on traditional and another an inverter AC. The inverter AC will run initially at 1.7tons, ensuring quick cooling; then, it will run at lower capacity, such as 1.5, 1 and even 0.3 tons. The traditional AC will run at 1.5 tons throughout.
    This translates to energy efficiency: you can save up to 40% of electricity using an inverter AC.

Cost Comparison: Traditional AC vs Inverter AC

This is what it essentially comes down to: is the inverter AC actually going to save you money when compared to the traditional AC? The answer is simple: even though initially, the split inverter AC price in India is relatively more than the traditional air conditioning cost in India, the former will help you save money in the long run, by cutting down on your electricity bills— as someone who has seen electricity bills from traditional air conditioners, you would probably agree!

As far as the initial costs of an inverter AC are concerned, there are a number of NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv that have a number of plans that can help you fuel your purchase.

Buying an Inverter AC

Inverter ACs are available from all the top AC manufacturers in India, such as Blue Star, Daikin, and the likes. There are many convenient buying options. Buying an air conditioner online in India is a simple matter, with multiple e-retailers such as Flipkart helping you out here. It’s so simple that you can even order the relatively rarer portable AC online.

There are even various options to help you with the initial costs involved: NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv offer great deals that can help you buy an air conditioner on EMI. Bajaj Finserv even offers you the ability to buy an air conditioner on EMI without a credit card, through their EMI Card option.

So, there you have it: if you want to choose the more effective AC option, you should go for the inverter AC. India is a country where this is the sensible option, because of our need for an AC effectively throughout the year.

This Diwali, make sure your festivities aren’t interrupted by sleepless nights due to those pesky electricity bills!

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