Sometimes going to a gym and being intimidated by the people around you can hold you back from getting into shape. That’s why upgrading your home to accommodate a personal gym can be a great alternative to skipping gym completely. With convenient financing option like EMI financing, you can now make it a reality even if you’re short on funds.

All you need to do is pay a nominal fee for the money to be processed and divide the rest of the cost of the equipment into easy EMIs. When you use an EMI Card to finance your purchase, you don’t have to play the waiting game, and can also avail of the advantage of lower EMIs.

Let’s look at some of the fitness equipment you could buy, through EMI financing from Bajaj Finserv, in a bid to stay in shape.

Power Tower Trainers

This is one of the best power training tools that money can buy you; power tower trainers can help you do multiple bodyweight movements. You can perform a range of bodyweight exercises that will help you enhance and strengthen muscles. You can use it to perform and amplify the effects of pull ups, chin ups, push ups, burpees, and other basic exercises. It helps improve posture, balance, and athletic performance. By buying it now, and paying later through EMIs, you give yourself access to a complete range of motion that also increases your joint mobility and flexibility.


When it comes to getting an energetic cardio session, walking or jogging on treadmill is your best bet. Getting this equipment home would ensure that you get your daily dose of cardio amidst your busy schedule. If you find jogging on the treadmill too mainstream then you can mix it up with other exercises or keep fluctuating the settings. You can keep changing the duration, intensity, or the elevation to keep yourself motivated.

Stationary Bikes

If running or jogging isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for stationary bikes that give you cardio workouts at home. Stationary bikes can help you multitask, unlike other gym equipment that need your complete attention. For instance, you can catch up with your favourite book or movie whilst you’re cycling. Cycling on these bikes help you break a sweat without exhausting you or stressing your joints out. It helps lower blood pressure, burn calories, regulate blood sugar, and decrease your vulnerability to cardiovascular diseases. And thanks to the option of buying this fitness equipment on EMI, you don’t have to have palpitations when you think of paying for it.

Rowing Machine

If you’ve seen your favourite TV show protagonist row his way to fitness (and American Presidency) maybe it’s time you step your game as well. A rowing machine gives you a full body workout without straining your joints. It’s a low impact alternative compared to other body workouts and can be used to tone your quads, hamstrings, glutes, shoulder, and other core areas. It helps boost your cardiovascular system by increasing healthy blood circulation and strengthening cardiovascular muscles.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are not something most fitness fanatics think about getting home, but it can be fundamental to you reaching optimal health. Using this equipment can help enhance your fat loss results and reduce the pressure on your joints. It gives you a full body workout and increases the number of calories burnt. By changing the resistance of the machine, you can vary the impact of the workout to mimic the effect of walking, jogging, or running.

These fitness equipment will help you reach your target health with ease and that too within the very comforts of your home. While paying for your home gym might be cause to worry, you ought to know there is a solution to that. By employing the help of EMI financing, you get to buy the equipment now and pay for it later.

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