Although credit cards have been around for a long time, the advantages they offer have become even harder to ignore now with the attractive rewards points and unbeatable deals they bring to our fingertips. Credit cards, or plastic money, also offer a variety of benefits over cash, the chief among them being convenience.

Credit cards are a handy alternative to carrying cash everywhere you go. They also offer more safety, since no one can use your card even if they steal it as they need a PIN to function, without which they are just a piece of plastic. This makes it much safer to carry cards rather than cash.

The power of plastic money

Thanks to our ever-increasing need for advanced technology and greater comfort, credit cards have caught the attention of financial institutions who wish to offer attractive benefits to their customers. Here are the top five reasons why owning a credit card makes sense today:

  1. Reward points

Most credit cards come with a reward point system based on how much you spend using them instead of cash. These reward points can be accumulated over time and, once they reach a respectable number, they can be exchanged for various benefits. For example, some financial institutions offer a huge number of reward points just for issuing a credit card, which can be redeemed by you for whatever you wish for.

  1. Personal loans

Credit cards are now offering more services than ever before, with some offering to convert your cash limit into a personal loan for 3 months at no interest. This means that you no longer have to undergo the stringent application and verification processes concerned with loan applications anymore. All you have to do is utilize your credit card’s features, and your loan is as good as issued.

  1. EMI finance

Everything becomes affordable with the benefit of EMIs. Regardless of what you buy, some credit cards offer equated monthly installments to reduce your financial burden and help you buy everything from electronics and furniture to clothes and groceries whenever you want. You can even avail up to 5X reward points on your purchases and redeem them on future shopping.

  1. Easy payments

Credit cards come with an in-built microchip that makes shopping easier and safer than ever before. Most merchants possess card machines that don’t even require you to swipe your card—just insert it in the machine, enter your PIN, and take your receipt. There are also some cards that offer contactless technology, which doesn’t even require you to enter your PIN—just look for the contactless symbol at merchant terminals and wave your card at the terminal to make your payment!

  1. Add-on services

One of the primary benefits of credit cards is the additional services they offer. You can acquire customized cards that help you save money on a host of daily expenses. Or enjoy luxurious travel facilities by getting complimentary airport lounge access. There is also an option to save on fuel surcharges which amount to thousands of rupees in unnecessary expenses.

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