In modern lingo, the terms ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ are used interchangeably. However, ‘health’ refers to your overall status. Being in good health means that you’re free from illness and that your biological and psychological functions are normal. ‘Fitness’, on the other hand, is a measure of your physical capability. You may be in good health, but to be fit, you’ll need to work on your body to produce the desired results.

Living a healthy life involves combining the two terms. Performing physical activity keeps you in good health, and having a healthy living diet boosts your body’s metabolism and performance levels.

The Importance of Health and Fitness

Healthy Heart

Regular exercise and healthy living habits provide your body with an adequate supply of oxygen. This also ensures that your cardiovascular operations run smoothly, making your heart less susceptible to problems.

Stress Relief

Endorphins. Those are your reward for a long, hard workout. These chemicals, released in the brain, act as painkillers and numb your body to the after effects of exercise. They affect your opiate receptors, making you light-headed and happy. It’s the ideal way to uplift your mood and change your life. Working on your stress levels is key to understanding the importance of fitness in life.


Being fit is empowering. It makes your body strong, allowing you to easily perform feats that would ordinarily seem gruelling. This added strength is accompanied by confidence and an enhanced mental state, helping you understand and trust yourself more.

Healthy Living Tips

To pursue health, you need to understand that getting fit and being healthy is not a goal; it’s a lifestyle. Monitoring your everyday fitness goals is the key to a healthy life. Here are a few tips that might help.

Walk Around

A great fitness tip is to engage in some form of exercise every day, even if it involves just walking around a park. However, you need to ensure that you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. It will put you in a relaxed mental state and motivate you to extend the period of your exercise.

Gym, Run, Dance!

Pick a physical activity that you love and become obsessed with it. For example, if you like dancing, learn different styles, or pick a specific style and work at it. It will tone your body, sharpen your mind, and put a smile on your face.

Be the Early Bird

A great way to be healthy is to plan your day early in the morning. Wake up, drink some tea, and meditate for a while. Now jot down your health plan for the day and follow it as closely as possible. That way you’ll have a guide to making the right decisions, and will be satisfied by the end of the day.

Limit Your Junk Intake

Let’s face it: It’s not right to eradicate junk food from your life. Reduce the amount of junk you eat, but don’t cut it out completely. If you do, you need to be able to withstand a moment of weakness which could lead to an empty Krispy Kreme box and a stomach full of regret. You can always sneak junk into your diet once in a while, to satisfy your cravings. But if you regularly eat healthy, balanced meals, your body will soon start craving healthy food.

Workout at Work

Your fitness regime doesn’t need to stop just because you’re at the workplace! Performing small exercises throughout the day can improve your physical state and wellbeing. For example, while sitting, you can raise your legs off the ground. Another great exercise is holding a wall and raising your legs, to tone your calves. Figure out easy exercises like these, to do in your coffee breaks. It’ll make work more rewarding.

At Bajaj Finserv we are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our employees so that they can stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Our Pure Life initiative encourages employees to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This year we have launched the fourth phase of Pure Life, an initiative, aimed at those employees who need to lose weight and enter the acceptable BMI range. The program tracks health parameters like BMI, sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure over a set period of time. Employees who follow the rules and stick to these parameters are rewarded with bonuses and gifts at the end of the time period.