Shopping sounds like a chore unless you are an avid online shopper. But the SuperCard by RBL Bank and Bajaj Finserv adds the fun element. It gives you cash-back offers, rewards, and free goodies all year long. There are five smart and fun ways to use the SuperCard for shopping:

  1. Fuel surcharge waiver

The cost of petrol is reaching sky-high these days. At such a time, it is beneficial to get discounts on your fuel buys. The Bajaj Finserv–RBL Bank SuperCard does exactly this. When you shop with the SuperCard, you get a fuel surcharge waiver up to Rs 100 each month. You can avail this offer across the country. Remember, a rupee saved is a rupee earned!

  1. Dining discounts

Eating out is always fun whether it is with friends, family or your loved one. But how about a double treat with a 5% discount on meals you eat in restaurants? Sweet, right! All you need to do is use your SuperCard to pay for your meal.

This offer might vary based on the type of SuperCard you have. For example, this offer is valid on weekends for the World Prime SuperCard. But it is available on Wednesdays in case of Platinum Edge SuperCard

  1. Earn as you spend

The smart way to shop is to earn money with every rupee you spend. The SuperCard has a reward system where you get points for the purchases you make. There are some levels at which the reward points get translated into real money.

For example, you can earn 10,000 reward points or Rs 1,500 for spending Rs 1.5 lakh in a year. This is an annual milestone. There are different schemes for different cards. These include monthly rewards for monthly milestones and more.

  1. Watch movies for free

By using the SuperCard, you can avail a one-plus-one movie ticket offer each month. So you get free movie tickets. This feature is available only via Just log on to the app, select your seats, and pay with the Bajaj Finserv-RBL Bank SuperCard. So what are you waiting for? Take your spouse (or anyone else for that matter) and enjoy that well-deserved movie night with your favourite people.

  1. Complimentary airport lounge access

There is nothing worse than being stuck in an airport while waiting to board a flight. Since you cannot avoid the wait, why not relax a bit in the meanwhile? The SuperCard offers complimentary access to airport lounges at all major Indian airports. The service includes free food and Wi-Fi.

The number of complimentary visits varies between four and six depending on the type of card. You can also avail unlimited visits by paying with your Bajaj Finserv–RBL Bank SuperCard.

So whether you plan to go watch a movie or decide to spend smartly, one thing is sure—there’s no dearth of smart options for you with the SuperCard.

The SuperCard by RBL Bank and Bajaj Finserv offer you smart options to shop. With so many shopping benefits, you might want to spend your next holiday doing just that.

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