The Google Pixel 2 was one of 2017’s most awaited smartphone releases. An improvement of the first installment of the Google Pixel, this one knocks it out of the park with its looks, performance, and camera quality. Take a look at 5 features that make the Google smartphone stand out.

Here are some standout features of this phone:

  1. It’s waterproof:

The new Google Pixel 2 is bigger, better, and waterproof too! It has a water protection rating of IP67, and will protect your phone and its hardware from damage caused by water and moisture. While the accessories aren’t waterproof, the phone itself is resistant to water. It means that you no longer have to worry about purchasing covers and cases for your phone.

2. It has a stellar camera:

Take photography to the next level with the Google Pixel 2. With the 12MP primary and 8MP secondary camera, you can shoot stunning pictures and equally high-quality videos. Incorporating the new MPI technology, the phone’s camera lets you capture bright and high-resolution pictures that appear realistic and life-like. This camera is set to have additional features like auto focus, built-in flash, and HD recording capabilities. All these features help you make the most of your photography experience, while bidding goodbye to pixilation and blurs. Its HDR+ mode improves quality of low light photography and its image stabilisation feature keeps shaky videos at bay. This phone also offers unlimited cloud storage for your images. This means that you can now can go trigger-happy, without worrying about using up all the space on your phone!

3. It features an advanced processor:

The phone is embedded with a powerful Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 processor, which provides the phone with advanced performance and improved multitasking capabilities. The phone features 4GB RAM. This combined with the processor offers speedy performance, you’re sure to love.

4. It uses AI or Artificial Intelligence:

Google has deployed a smart AI that helps you get more out of your phone. Use Google Lens to look up books, movies, and even monuments in front of you. You can also squeeze the phone to launch Google Assistance for real-time help or just say ‘Hello Google’. You can send a text or ask your Google Pixel 2 to take a selfie—all through voice commands.

5. It has a high-quality display:

The display for this phone ranges from 5 inches to 6 inches, depending on whether you pick the Google Pixel 2 or the Pixel 2 XL. It has a resolution of 1080p for enhanced visuals and sharp picture quality. The AMOLED technology provides just the right amount of brightness. The screen colour support function adjusts colours according to the content being played for better comfort to your eyes.

These are some unique features that are designed to set the Pixel 2 apart from other smartphones. Apart from this, the phone offers a built-in security module and 7 hours of battery life from a quick 15-minute charge! This makes the phone an all-rounder, ideal for those who want a smartphone that will help them work faster, as well as those who want a phone that delivers entertainment at the touch of a button. Whether you’re a gamer, photographer, or a jet-setting businessman, there’s nothing that the Google Pixel 2 leaves to desire.

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