With your life on social media becoming more important, we’re sure you’re looking to arm yourself to take the perfect pictures in a snap without having to adjust the range, light and other sensors. Carrying around a large DSLR is not an option every time, especially when you want to travel light. The best option is to have a handy smartphone that can double up as an easy-to-use camera. If you want the best quality pictures that live up to scrutiny, you’re looking for a camera phone that is known to do just that. Yes, this probably means that the cost increases, but you can get a smartphone on EMI with Bajaj EMI Card and pay for your ‘shutter friend’ in lowest EMIs.

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We present you a list of the top 5 smartphones on no cost EMI:

  1. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone has been known to have a great camera and with the ‘Plus’ series the company has further strengthened its case. After all, the large 5.5-inch screen can be used to view that perfect picture you shoot with every tap. The dual 12MP sensor is 60% faster and 30% more efficient than previous iPhones, ensuring the battery drain is controlled. Further, the camera features image stabilization and houses a larger f/1.8 aperture lens, which lets in about 50% more light. The True Tone flash features four LEDs that throw out more light and come with a ‘flicker sensor’, which detects artificial light. Finally, with RAW shooting powers the pictures are captured with more details, which can then be processed and converted into the smaller sized files with the right look and effect for your scrapbook, photo album and social media feed!

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  1. Google Pixel XL

The newest kid in the smartphone market is no pushover hitting all the right notes.  From the latest Android software, which features the Google Assistant, to the larger screen size of 5.5 inches, a quick processor and a fabulous camera, which is housed within the case enabling you to keep the phone flat on any surface, the Pixel XL is a great buy. The best bit about the camera in the Pixel phones is that it is the quickest to load, focus and shoot. This ensures that the perfect moment is not lost in enabling the camera. Further, with the unlimited storage space provide by Google, storing endless images and their edited versions is not an issue. Coming to the specifications, the camera app software has been drastically improved. You now get new grid options, lighting scenes, HDR, slow motion modes and panorama options. With all this technology the pictures are phenomenal and endless storage is simply icing on the cake.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This Samsung flagship gives you more reasons to lust for it other than its incredibly sexy form with curved edges. Samsung smartphones are also known to have best in the business cameras. In this case, the specifications read as follows: 12MP dual pixel sensors with f/1.7 aperture, LED flash, 5MP front camera and Optical Image Stabilisation. We suggest you don’t go just by the number of megapixels in the phone literature but let the pictures speak for the quality. The low light picture quality on the S7 Edge is amazing ensuring the pictures are clear irrespective of the ambient light. The Dual Pixel technology that this Samsung uses allows for the fastest focus and moving to another focus point doesn’t catch the camera off guard.
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  1. HTC 10

The HTC flagship phone 10 was released in mid-2016. While the previous phone was criticized for having an average camera, the 10 comes loaded with a 12MP lens with laser auto-focus. The dual f/1.8 aperture lens comes with the added comfort of LED flash while a 5MP lens is included for selfie shots. HTC has streamlined the picture experience by simplifying the interface and hiding the detailed options. The picture quality is good and the camera has a RAW option, which lets you take a very detailed picture that can then be enhanced and converted into a lighter jpeg format. The phone comes with HTC’s Zoe feature, which takes a 3 second video with every picture, helping capture the memory around the picture too!

  1. One Plus 3T

The 3T brings with it a unique proposition to the smartphone with a 16MP front and rear camera, allowing for equally good front and rear pictures. The Smart Capture technology further helps to take the perfect picture easily and efficiently. The front facing camera comes with a Smile Capture feature that automatically takes a picture when you smile at the camera. In low-light conditions, the camera intelligently combines pixels to gather light while simultaneously reducing noise. With fast shutter speed and quick autofocus, the camera responds fast while HDR automatically balances the colour in the photographs taken.

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So, which camera phone will you pick from our list?