A fixed deposit involves investing a sum of money with a bank or an NBFC for a certain tenor and earning money from the interest. There are numerous FD schemes to choose from, and all these schemes have their own highlights and features. However, before going for an FD it is important for you to examine some factors closely.

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Before going ahead with any fixed deposit schemes, it is imperative for you to calculate and get an accurate estimate of your overall savings. This can help you gain transparency about the amount of money available to you for investing. You can assess your savings by checking your bank statements and even passbook entries. It is important to get a clear figure and carry out all the calculations of your savings before signing up for any fixed deposit scheme.


As with any investment, when investing in FDs it is important to first get a clear picture about your income. This can mean income from salary, interest and other assets or investment options. Once you have more clarity about your income, you can decide how much money you want to invest in a fixed deposit. You can view your income through salary slips, bank statements, dividend slips, invoices and more. Getting the correct figure pertaining to your income can also help you determine how much money is available for you to invest.

Reputation for your FD provider:

Usually, a company, corporate or NBFC FD gets you higher interest than a fixed deposit with your bank. But as an investor you should first conduct research into various lenders and the FDs they provide to guarantee the safety of your investment. A lender’s reputation is all about trust, and this will help you approach a trustworthy lender too. Reading customer testimonials and talking to friends and family as well as financial planners or tax advisors is also a good option.

Interest rates:

This is the primary and the most important factor that you should consider when investing in an FD. The interest rate is the monthly pay-out that you would receive on your investment. Various schemes and lenders offer a variety of interest rates. The average interest on FDs offered by Bajaj Finserv is above 8%. Choose a scheme that offers you interest rates that suit your requirements.


This is the time period over which your investment grows. The tenor varies within the schemes. While some schemes have long tenors ranging from 12 to 33 months, others have tenors ranging from 36 to 60 months. You can decide the tenor better by considering whether you seek a short-term investment or a long-term investment. While short term tenors offer quick returns, long term tenors can improve the value of your investment and provide better growth and capital returns.

Terms of Investment:

Every financial institution has terms that vary within schemes. It is important for you to read these terms thoroughly and ensure that they suit your requirements. These terms consist of the frequency of the interest pay-outs, the maturity period and numerous other details, which need your attention.


Benefits of Fixed Deposits:

  1. It is the safest option since your investment is unaffected by market influences and fluctuations.
  2. You receive attractive interest returns.
  3. Interest pay-out can be taken on a cumulative basis to finance your monthly, quarterly or annual expenses.
  4. Senior citizens are eligible for higher rates of interest.
  5. It works as a good medium for saving money.
  6. FDs are liquid and can be broken when a need for urgent cash arises.

On the whole, fixed deposits are a safe investment option. And if you do your research well and consider all the factors before making a decision, you are likely to benefit from investing in FDs.

Bajaj Finserv provides various FD schemes to suit your purpose.


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