In spite of all the planning and careful calculations, there will come a time when your business will need additional capital. In fact, many businesses fail because they do not have access to funds in the growing stage. As an entrepreneur, it is important to understand that everything does not always go according to plan, no matter how robust your planning, and thus, you need to prepare yourself to be able to pump in additional funds whenever there is a need.

Apart from seeking external investments-which may dilute your interests and decision-making powers in the company-you could also opt for a business loan to ensure that your business doesn’t remain cash-strapped in trying times.

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Here are six important things you need to know before taking a loan for business:

  • Cash Inflows

Cash is the lifeblood of a business. Every enterprise requires access to regular funds for running its day-to-day activities, which help generate future sales. There will be times when payments are delayed or there is unforeseen slowdown in sales, which will cause a dip into the company’s cash reserves. In these times, an additional input of cash will help the business survive. A business loan in this situation may be the answer.

  • Business Expansion

When a small business is being established, profits remain low but the demand for goods or services is on a rise. In this situation, the business needs additional capital to meet the demand. This immediate requirement of cash can be met though a business loan. If adequate funds are not provided at this crucial point in the growth stage of the business, the business has a chance of failing.

  • Technology

In today’s fast-paced world replete with path-breaking technological advancements, it is important to ensure that your business benefits from the latest technology available in the market and keeps up with competition. This constant upgrading requires money, but avoiding this will adversely affect your business. Taking a loan for business to improve its technological infrastructure is a common practice.

  • How You Will Repay

Every entrepreneur needs to be clear about how the business will earn the money to repay the additional capital that will be borrowed. Taking a small business loan is easy; however, considerable thought needs to be given to the repayment strategy.

  • Interest Rates

Business loan interest rates vary across lenders and the rate of interest makes a huge difference on repayment. So make sure you shop for good rates combined with great features and facilities before you finalise the loan for business.

  • Business-Friendly Loans

With growing awareness about the strength of SMEs and funding becoming easy, lenders are offering various loan products designed to specifically suit the requirements of different businesses. So be sure to get the best deal from the lender.

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Taking a business loan is easy, but deciding on which lender to choose and ensuring that you get the best business loan rates will make a world of difference. There are many lenders who claim to be specialists in SME loans. Finding one who offers an easy online application process with minimal documentation and provides a collateral-free loan to cover your business needs will be key. Try Bajaj Finserv, known to tick all the boxes when it comes to SME funding, offering business loans, working capital loans and machinery loans.

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