London is without a doubt, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Always high-energy and full of exciting events, it is easy to get overwhelmed when planning a trip. There are too many things to see, do and experience than days in a year, so trying to fit it all into one short vacation can be tough.

Here are some options for you to consider when planning a trip to London – with a twist. We’ve left out the usual attractions like Madame Tussauds and the Tower of London and instead, compiled a list of things that will show you the quirky, indie side of the city.

Walk through the Flower Market

Located on Columbia Road, the flower market is perfect for a morning stroll. The entire street smells like a perfume factory, from all the fresh flowers lining the road. From here, the flowers are distributed to florists across the city. For photography enthusiasts, this is a great opportunity to get clicking.

Explore Dalston and Hackney

These are the streets you need to visit if you want to know where the hipsters hang out. Located in East London, the area has a distinct bohemian vibe that is only accentuated by the peculiar vintage stores, chic cafes and cosy bookstores selling obscure books. Also stop to admire the street art that adorns the public walls.

Watch a Show

Although there are plenty of Broadway shows to choose from, try something a little different. Magic Hour, which is hosted by world-class magician Tony Middleton ‘Sonic’ is an off-Broadway show that is sure to keep you on tenterhooks. Located close to Hyde Park in a private room with a distinctly Victorian vibe, ‘Sonic’ will have you enchanted with his Victorian disappearing acts and esoteric tricks.

Visit a Brewery

For beer enthusiasts, this is a dream come true – Camden Town Brewery has a tour that takes you through its impressive facilities and gives you a chance to sample some of their excellent beer as it comes straight out of the production line. The tours are 90-120 minutes long and are a fun activity to partake in if you’re in a large group.

Learn Swing Dancing

The largest swing dancing school in London, Swing Patrol, offers classes for both, beginners who want to take just a lesson or two, and for experienced dancers who want to brush up on their skills. These classes also come with extra time at the end of the night to practice your newly acquired skills.

Watch a Movie in the Outdoors

When the weather is good, there’s no better way to get a feel of the city vibes than by attending an outdoor movie screening. There are several options to choose from such as Rooftop Cinema and Luna Cinema, which specialises in classics. However, we suggest you check out the viewing located on Portobello Road, strategically located next to Boom Burger, one of the popular burger joints in the area.

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