Often, Indian bedrooms can be too cluttered and dark, making you feel closed in and cramped. The problem of space often leads to overcrowded bedrooms that have too much stuff on the floor and everywhere else. These décor tips will help you solve all your bedroom woes and create a space that look bigger, brighter, cleaner and more stylish.

Here and 7 ways to to revamp your bedroom décor creatively and efficiently while staying within your budget:

  • Go for warm colours

Do you want your bedroom to look classy and cosy? If your answer is yes, then keep it simple. Choose minimalistic accessories, lightning and even furniture and choose wood or earthy tones to create intimacy. Use dim lighting with lamps and concealed ceiling lights for subtlety, which keeps the costs low and makes your décor more elegant too. They will cost around Rs.2900 per piece, and your total expense shouldn’t be more than Rs.75,000 including installation costs.

  • Use contrast for a modern look:

If you like plain walls, create drama with colourful soft furnishings and drapes. If you like textured walls or printed wallpaper then go with monotone furniture. Use cushions in different colours and patterns if your overall bedroom décor is plain to create an impact. While you’ll be spending about Rs.1 lakh on soft furnishings, a good way to save on furniture costs is to buy in pieces that match during sales.

Add the right accessories

Since your bedroom should reflect your personality, a creative way to showcase it is to add artefacts or memorabilia from your travels or your childhood. You can also buy some antiques accessories like sculptures, bedside tables or framed mirrors for old-world charm. These additions needn’t be too expensive, but can really boost the ambience of your bedroom while personalising it for you.

  • Use fabric cleverly

One of the most important things when it comes to interior design using soft furnishings is to ensure that maintenance is easy. So pick fabrics that are easy to vacuum, wash and dry when you redo your bedroom. You can use damask and jacquard fabrics for curtains and upholstery, and add a colourful throw with tassels for the bed. Jacquard fabrics are Rs.350 per meter.

  • Adopt a green outlook

Fresh indoor plants and decorative foliage can make your bedroom look and feel more vibrant. If your bedroom doesn’t get enough light or doesn’t have a balcony, then you can choose to add artificial plants and trees to match your décor. A small cascading waterfall can also bring you peace and tranquillity when you retire to your bedroom, giving you the opportunity to create a serene environment away from all the other chaos. An artificial waterfall set will be Rs.1.5 lakh per set.

  • Add a lively work station

Do you end up working in your bedroom? If you’re bringing work home and need a calm place to read official reports and use the laptop, create a small space just for this. Rather than using your bed for work, adding a small desk with a comfortable chair is a better idea. This will look aesthetically more organised and allow you to carry out your work more efficiently. A nice work station will cost approximately Rs.60000.

  • Add to space with wall cupboard and wardrobes

One of the most common complaints in Indian bedrooms is lack of space. To do away with clutter, ensure that you have enough storage options. Get a bed with storage, add wall cupboards and spacious wardrobes to ensure your things have a place where they can be neatly stowed rather than taking up space on the bedroom floor or chairs. Simple wardrobes start from Rs.37000.

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