For men, jeans are the ultimate go-to outfit. They are there for you when you do not want to dress up. They are perfect for outdoor activities. They do not get dirty easily. And they say ‘casual’ better than anything else.

But shopping for jeans can be a headache. Because of the stiff texture, denim fits the human body in a way that is different from other fabrics. Besides, every human body has a unique shape. A style that looks good on your friend may look terrible on you.

You need to consider many factors while shopping for jeans. Thankfully, most major brands cover these issues in their jeans designs. It is possible to find a fit that is perfect for your body with brands like Calvin Klein, Levi’s, and Lee.

Needless to say, jeans from renowned brands are expensive. But you can now buy men’s branded jeans on EMIs. Do you prefer a rock-star style? Then you can buy ripped jeans on no-cost EMIs from Wrangler. For a more casual, laid-back look, buy cargo jeans on EMIs with your EMI card.

Have you been working out your abs? You should buy low-waist jeans with the EMI card. This will give you a youthful look. To show off your toned calves, buy slim-fit branded jeans on EMIs. Now that it is so simple to buy men’s jeans on EMIs, you can fill your wardrobe with some amazing denim selections.

To make it easier for you to pick out the perfect pair of jeans, here is a list you could use. Select your favourite style. Then buy denim jeans with the EMI card from Bajaj Finserv.

  1. Regular fit from United Colors of Benetton (UCB): For the normal-sized guy, the regular fit is a great choice. It lets you move easily. But it is still body-fitting enough to flatter your shape. You can buy men’s regular-fit jeans on EMIs from UCB.
  2. Slim fit from Diesel: For young men on the slender side, a slim-fit pair of jeans is ideal. It will show off your legs without making you look too thin. You can now buy slim-fit jeans with the EMI card from Bajaj Finserv.
  3. Low rise from Lee: Flaunt your washboard abs with a pair of low-rise jeans. Pair with a tight t-shirt for the ultimate gym jockey look. Buy low-rise jeans on no-cost EMIs from Lee.
  4. Ripped jeans from Jack & Jones: Nothing says ‘I don’t care’ better than ripped jeans. You can go for the outright ripped or the ripped-and-repaired look. You can buy ripped jeans on no-cost EMIs from Jack & Jones.
  5. Washed jeans from Calvin Klein: Do you find regular jeans boring? Then check out the acid-washed and stone-washed jeans on offer from Calvin Klein. They bring out the edgy side of you.
  6. Straight cut jeans from Diesel: For a more formal impact, go for a pair of straight cuts. These have the relaxed denim appeal but also the crisp business tones of formal trousers. They also camouflage body shapes that are less than perfect.
  7. Skinny jeans from Levi’s: Skinny jeans are strictly for very young men, or even teenagers. They look very attractive on people with toned bodies. If you feel that you can carry off skinny jeans, give them a try. Buy skinny jeans on no-cost EMIs from Levi’s.

Stocking up your jeans wardrobe cannot be easy on your pocket. That is why you should avoid paying for everything at once. Instead, take advantage of the myriad EMI options on offer. One such option is the EMI card from Bajaj Finserv. This card gives you an instant loan and lets you decide the tenure. What is more? The EMIs have no added costs! Now you can shop for jeans without worrying about the price at all.