The Eurostar is the high-speed rail link that connects London to Paris, Brussels and beyond. The train stations are all located conveniently at city centres, which means that traveling by Eurostar is more efficient than travelling by plane, not to mention much more scenic.

If you start your vacation in London, and want to see some of Europe’s best cities, the Eurostar is a fast, convenient way to tour London and see the bordering countries without breaking the bank. If you’re tempted by the thought of Premium First Class, there are certainly perks to that. You will have access to fast-lane check-in, a four-course lunch and dinner service with wine, and free taxi service from your arrival point to any city destination. Here are 7 must-stop destinations on the Eurostar to include in your itinerary.

1. London
Begin in London where you can spend a few days exploring the sights and sounds of this historic city, and the electric energy that makes it one of the most excitingly cosmopolitan cities in the world.

2. Paris
The fastest London-to-Paris train takes just over two hours. Spend a day or two in Paris to visit the iconic Eiffel tower, the towering Sacré-Cœur basilica and the charming artist village of Montmartre. Sample French cuisine and wine along street-side cafes and house wine at the traditional French restaurants.

3. Brussels
On the London-to-Brussels route, the Eurostar ticket is good to continue on to any station in Belgium, so make sure you see the rest of Belgium if your schedule allows. Hop off at Ghent, Brugge, Damme or any other place that catches your fancy, without having to pay anything extra for the trip.

4. Disneyland Resort
Europe’s only Disneyland theme park is close to Paris. Even if you’re not travelling with kids, Disneyland is a delight for all ages. From thrill-seeking rides to water-themed and horror sections, visit your favourite movie sets and pose for pictures with your favourite Disney cast. Free your inner child. The castles and kingdoms are awe-inspiring, the candy straight out of fairy-tales and the rides are worth waiting in line for.

5. Lyon
The capital of the Rhone region offers access to the famous Beaujolais Vineyards of France. In addition, as bonus for the foodie, Lyon is said to have the most number of restaurants per capita in France. Journey time is a little less than five hours from London.

6. Avignon
Avignon is a walled city in the southern region of Provence. Considered the capital of the famous Cote du Rhone wine region, Avignon’s 14th century Palace of the Popes and 12th century Avignon Beige, known as the Saint-Benezet Bridge, after the young shepherd who heard divine voices instructing him to construct, are worth seeing. Put this UNESCO world heritage site on your list.

7. Marseilles
No trip on the Eurostar would be complete without a stop at the south coast of France, holiday destination to world’s rich and famous. Soak up the sun under French skies.

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