Even though the market is filled with new savings schemes and policies, the conventional savings method of pooling money into fixed deposits still rules the roost. As a safe alternative for your savings, fixed deposits promise high returns.

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Known to offer one of the highest interest rates on FDs, Bajaj Finance FD proves to be a cut above the rest.

5 advantages FDs offer investors

Here’s why their FDs have garnered one of the highest approval ratings in the market:

  1. Your Investment Fetches High Returns

Saving through an FD assures safety for your savings as its returns are not based on market fluctuations. With Bajaj Finance, this safety is also paired with high returns. Bajaj Finance offers interest rates of up to 8.20%, which is one of the highest interest rates in the country. You can hence get a good return on your investment, at the end of the FD tenure. The interests offered start at 7.85% for new customers.

  1. You Can Start Low With Bajaj Finance

Your profile and income shouldn’t be the deciding factors of your intent to save. Bajaj Finance respects your money and allows you to start a fixed deposit with a minimum of Rs.25,000. Senior citizens get an edge on their savings too, as they are offered an additional 0.25% interest value on their savings.

  1. You Are Assured Stability With Its Secure Ratings

Awarded ICRA’s MAAA (stable) rating and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating, Bajaj Finance offers an FD that is reliable and trustworthy. There is little to no market volatility attached to your FD so you can invest freely without worrying about the risk.

  1. You Have The Freedom Choose Your Maturity Date

Bajaj Finance brings you flexible tenor, where you can choose your FD’s maturity between 12 and 60 months to suit your financial needs. You can also close your existing FD and start a new account for a different tenor at any point of time. This enables you to safely handle your money with flexible time frames, based on when you need your money in hand. In addition, you can use FD Calculator to check your maturity amount.



  1. You Can Choose To Receive Regular Income Earnings

Interest on your fixed deposit can be earned in two ways. One, by the conventional way of fetching interest at the end of the tenor. The other, by choosing to receive a payout at different stages of your FD. The non-cumulative fixed deposit will fetch you interests at monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual intervals. This guarantees an income on your investment without having to wait till the maturity.

  1. You Can Apply For It With Minimal Paperwork And Monitor It Online

Bajaj Finance processes allow you to create an FD account with minimal documentation. All you need is your latest photo and certified copies of your identity proof, address proof and proof of signature. Once you have sent the cheque and your FD account is created, you can access it online, which gives you the freedom to track your fixed deposit over time.

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  1. You Have Better Access

Are you worried that you will have to wade through a queue to open a FD? You can erase this thought, as Bajaj Finance sends their representatives home to you for collecting the needed documents. This doorstep service ensures utmost convenience for you. But, in case you want to visit them in person, Bajaj Finance also has a presence in over 200 cities in India, so its representatives can attend to your needs quickly.

So, start your investment with a Fixed Deposit from Bajaj Finance today!

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