You want to buy an LCD for your home but don’t have time to withdraw cash. In such situations, a credit card gives you a smart shopping option and saves you time. Even better, you do not have to carry a lot of cash. So, no need to worry about pickpockets or losing your wallet. This is a gateway to a better lifestyle. Here is how a credit card makes your life better:

  1. Buy time: The best feature a credit card offers is that it helps you buy time. Sounds confusing? Here’s how. You go to a shop, you buy whatever you want and pay for it using cash or debit card. You may see an immediate dip in your bank account balance. But, if you pay using a credit card, you get a month’s time to make the actual payment.
  2. Grace period: Have you shopped till you dropped on your credit card? Now, if you are worried sick about the repayment, rest easy. Banks and financial institutions offer a 50-day grace period to credit-card users for repayment of dues.
  3. Cash-back offer: Yes, it is a material world. A little extra cash on the side does not hurt anyone. Say, you use your credit card for several purposes. You use it to shop, travel, and pay the grocery bill. Your banker may extend a cash-back facility to you. The same principle works for using your credit card on online portals. It may be a good idea to compare credit cards. Go for the one that suits you.
  4. Affordability for big buys: There is no need to sulk for days because you are broke. You can still buy the high-tech refrigerator of your dreams. Use the equated monthly instalment (EMI) facility on your credit card to buy that fridge right now.
  5. Reward points: With your credit card, you get to earn while you shop. Many banks offer reward points on credit card You can use these points to buy gifts and spread happiness.
  6. Emergency-ready: Life has a way of taking you by surprise. Keeping that in mind, it’s not easy to always be prepared. Let’s suppose, you had to fly immediately to another city to take care of your ailing parent, would you have the money to pay for the tickets? Or in the case of a hospitalisation where the bill runs up to lakhs of rupees, would you be money-ready? This is where a credit card comes handy. It helps you be prepared for emergencies without resorting to borrowings.
  7. No online fraud: Your credit card can save you from dodgy sellers on the internet. These sellers often try to usurp money on the pretext of selling you something. Your card issuer will alert you via SMS about the card usage. You can then inform your card provider that it has been fraudulently used. Now, say, you do not get what you bought. Your banker has the right to chase the seller and get the money back.

In short, a credit card can fulfil your wishes and put a smile on your face. Do not hesitate. Just go for the best credit card in India and enjoy life.

But the benefits don’t end. With credit cards like SuperCard by RBL bank and Bajaj Finserv, you can shop smarter too.

The SuperCard is packed with features that you may not find elsewhere. Apart from the above benefits, it also comes with features like emergency cash requirements, zero-interest EMI options and lots of discounts. What’s more, it can instantly convert your credit limit to a loan via a mobile app, thus helping you save lots of interest money. Plus, it comes with additional security features that save you from online fraud.

Now, doesn’t that make you have a SuperCard credit card in your pocket too?

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