With the unprecedented rise in summer temperatures, there is a mad rush amongst consumers to purchase an air conditioner for their homes and offices.

AC offers by online and offline stores make the purchase even more lucrative. These stores have partnered with NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv who’ve made the sale of ACs and other electronic appliances easy with their Durable Finance offering. This product boasts of features like pre-approved offers, nil foreclosure charges, and instant online approval.

Energy efficiency, air filtration, humidifier, and mosquito repelling technology—these are some of the features that you should look out for when purchasing an AC. Apart from checking for these features, here are 8 factors that’ll assist you in making the right decision.

Cost of AC

The more features you plan on getting, the higher will be the price. Energy efficient, star-rated ACs also have a price bump as the number of stars increase.

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Filter for quality

The air quality in your house is improved if the filter is of a good quality. Moreover, the cooling effect is also optimised if the filter has been well maintained.

In or out

You have two choices when it comes to ACs—window or split. While the window AC is more compact and easy to install, the split variant offers better cooling performance and air distribution.

Constant maintenance

Like all electronic devices, ACs also require periodic check-ups and maintenance runs. This includes cleaning of the filter and wiring checks. You must therefore probe service quality and warranty features before buying one.

Energy consumption

You must always ensure that your AC has a star rating for more energy efficiency. More the number of stars, higher is the efficiency and thus your savings.

Room Area

Before buying an AC, you should have a clear idea about the dimension of the room you’re considering placing the AC in. Ideally, a room area ranging between 120-140 square feet will require a 1 ton air conditioner. Similarly, room areas in the range of 150-180 square feet and 180-240 square feet will require 1.5 and 2 ton ACs respectively.

Versatile cooling

The AC you purchase must also have a cooling thermostat, and at least two fan and cooling speeds. These are required because the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, causing the need for different speeds.

When temperatures dip

If you’re put up in a place where the summers are extremely hot, and winters extremely cold, you can opt for ACs that have heating capability. Of course, this might cost you a bit extra, but it completely negates the need for a room heater.

That’s all! Consider the parameters mentioned above and find the best AC deal for your living area.

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