Summer’s been harsh to the Indian subcontinent this year. It’s only begun and you can expect the weather to get even hotter. Add to that the lack of monsoon winds and showers, and you have just right weather conditions for profuse sweating and lethal heat strokes.

Air conditioners can bring in some respite from the scorching heat and allow you to relax after you come back from the outdoors. However, consumers often forget to account power consumption and installation charges while opting for an AC. Moreover, with a host of brands and air conditioning technologies present in the market today, buying the right one can be an arduous task.

A ductless air conditioner can be right option to address all your issues. Here’s a guide that’ll tell you how you can choose the best.

  • Durability
    When you decide to make a purchase, there’ll be many air conditioner offers thrown your way. However, you must go for the one that is going to be up on your wall for a long time. Focus on the reviews left by other consumers and always ensure that the AC comes with at least a year’s warranty.
  • Voltage
    A lot of ductless ACs operate on 220-240 volt outlets. But if they require higher voltage, you might want to bring in an electrician to work it out. If you don’t do this, there is always a risk of short circuit or a fire.
  • Power consumption
    Your electricity bills will depend on the level of cooling you want to achieve. The cost increases when the number of rooms you want to cool goes up. If the number of rooms go up, so will the number of BTUs—unit of power for air conditioners. Ideally, you should add 30% more to the BTUs if the temperature of your living space goes above 33 degrees. However, it will also depend on the room area.
    To save on costs, opt for a ductless AC with a star certification. Higher the number of stars, more the energy you will save.
  • Cost
    Air conditioners don’t come cheap. The basic models that provide minimal cooling start at
    Rs. 20,000. This amount increases as more features are added. For instance, multi-zone cooling and heating will cost more than the basic air-conditioner. Add to that the cost of installation and electricity bills, and you’ll have a pretty big sum to spend.
    However, there’s a way around the high costs. NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv have partnered with stores to help you get an AC at affordable and interest-free EMIs. All you need to do is download Bajaj Finserv Experia App and sign up using your social media accounts or Aadhaar card. Once your personal details are verified (in 60 seconds), you’ll receive a deal ID, which can then be produced at their partner stores to purchase an air conditioner. To download Bajaj Finserv Experia app, SMS EMI to 56070 or click here.

  • Timer and controls
    Ductless ACs today also come packed with features such as a timer that can be set to cool your living space at different temperatures, at different times of the day.
    Another area you need to focus on is the heating feature that can be beneficial in warming up your room during winters. You should also concentrate on the AC filter, an expensive attachment. It needs to be cleaned once in a while and the process can be expensive. This is the reason why you should invest in an AC with filters that can be easily cleaned and reused.
    As mentioned earlier, investment in an AC is a long-term thing that doesn’t come cheap. This is the reason why NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv have come up with EMI Cards to help you purchase consumer durables at affordable rates. Here, you also get the added benefit of pre-approved offers besides convenient repayment methods.

So get a ductless air conditioner now and beat the summer heat with aplomb!

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