Although most employers feel that employee training and development is a large expense to bear, it’s imperative for every company to have a culture that fosters an environment of learning.

Empowering employees with knowledge about their roles is the best way to boost their morale. It improves their confidence, and as a result, enhances their productivity. If an employee is trained in a particular company, they forge a bond with it and are more likely to work towards meeting the organisational goals.

Regular learning and development activities also convey to the employees that the firm is interested in their growth and career opportunities. It helps companies retain loyal employees and reduce the turnover rate.

With this in mind, we, the Leadership & Development team at Bajaj Finserv, have changed our learning practices to adapt to the new work environment. We’ve begun by providing content and a platform to learn designed specially for mobile phones.

Using this, our employees can learn everything they need to know about their particular roles. This includes the products and services we offer, our company policy, and the various processes and procedures that are constantly running at Bajaj Finserv.

Smart system

This nifty system is highly adaptive and can even analyse the learning trend of a user. It helps the system to zero down on an employee’s weaknesses and specifically tailor the learning process to meet their requirements.

Employees are motivated to learn thanks to the gamification of this system, where they have to earn points and badges while gathering fresh knowledge.

This system is entirely cloud-based, making it easy to access and use. This, coupled with the fact that it can be accessed through your mobile phone, make it the ideal method of teaching employees.

The pace of learning can be determined by a user, and the knowledge we provide in this system is specific to the employee’s role. Thanks to the customisable feature, employees can choose the pace, and even revisit older lessons to brush up on what they’ve already learned.

This, and the other innovative approaches to learning, have helped us secure two awards in the field of employee growth.

  • The TISS Leapvault CLO Award 2015 for all the features of our system, including the fact that it’s entirely cloud-based
  • Vaibhav Jain, National Head-L&D, Bajaj Finserv was featured amongst the ‘25 Most Influential Training and Development Professionals’ in 2016, a list curated by The World Training and Development Congress.

With this system in place, we’re planning to evolve the learning space even further. Our processes will soon include things like teaching employees to use sustainable practices, improving engagement, and giving them some strategic perspective of where our organisation is headed.

We even plan to introduce lessons on integrity and ethics, to ensure that our employees are completely sincere with their duties.

Thanks to this advanced method of learning, Bajaj Finserv can expand its operations, with a more efficient workforce in tow.