Denims are the lifeblood of any wardrobe today. Sure, you might stick to stiff formal shirts and prissy trousers throughout the workweek, but as the weekend comes in and you want to kick back, it is time for jeans again. Apart from being comfortable and great as regular wear, a good pair of jeans can up your style quotient considerably. Dress them up or down, as per your mood or the occasion.

There is only problem with good denims nowadays: their price tag. But that is no reason to give them a miss. The equated monthly instalment (EMI) card from Bajaj Finserv can help. Rather than pay for a pair at one go, buy jeans for men on EMI.

In fact, you now get a wide range of smart men’s jeans on no-cost EMIs. Pay just the price of the jeans and nothing more in equated monthly instalments. Check out some jeans offers on EMI before you head out shopping.

Maybe you are already eyeing a pair of Wrangler jeans on no-cost EMI. Suppose the price tag says Rs 5,000 and you choose an EMI tenure of six months. In that case, you need to pay just Rs 834 per month. Affordable, isn’t it?

The perfect pair

Jeans have come a long way since their work-wear roots. They have become a wardrobe staple. But there are so many styles of jeans available that it gets confusing. How do you pick which one to buy?


  • Raw Denim: Do you want to be on top of the trends? Raw denim is where it’s at! The denim fabric used here does not undergo chemical treatment or washes. As a result, the fabric might feel stiff and rough against the skin at first. But give it time and use. The jeans will eventually fit you like a glove.
  • Distressed Denim: Ripped jeans have been in fashion for a while now. The rips and tears, and inevitable skin show, make these jeans inappropriate for work. But they look great at the club or if you are just hanging with your best buds.


  • Skinny: The legs on skinny jeans are very narrow and clingy. If you are looking for comfort, move far, far away from the rack of skinny jeans. But if you want a rock star vibe, skinny is the way to go. Get a pair of skinny Wranglers or Levis on EMIs. Brand is important here, since they will ensure better comfort.
  • Slim: Slim fits offer more room than the skinny fit. They hug the body and have stretch, but there is more scope for comfort. Again, make sure to prioritise brand. Try slim fits from Lee or Pepe Jeans on EMI to be safe.
  • Straight: Here, the cut of the leg falls straight from the knee to the hem. But the fit varies from brand to brand. Check out Locomotive men’s jeans on EMI or look at deals on Lee if the straight fit is what you like.
  • Relaxed: If the clingy trend does not appeal to you, try out a relaxed fit or even a boot cut. The fit of the leg is much looser and allows breathing space. In fact, the relaxed fit is a must-have, especially to get you through the Indian summer. Popular picks like Newport jeans on no-cost EMI could tick all the right boxes for you.
  • Baggy: Baggy jeans have been out of vogue lately. But the time is ripe for a comeback. Besides, if comfort is your priority, it does not get comfier than loose fits.


  • Regular blue: The classic blue jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe. This versatile pair works with all kinds of shirts and tees. Besides, there is always that fail-safe ‘white shirt, blue jeans’ look to fall back on.
  • Dark: A pair of dark wash or black jeans works beautifully with shirts or even a semi-formal jacket. Get a pair just for those semi-formal occasions when you are not in the mood for regular trousers.
  • Acid wash: The washed out colour gives off a relaxed, grungy vibe. Invest in one of these only after you have the blue and the dark wash checked off. These are a fun pair for casual occasions.

Now, a good pair of jeans does not come cheap. Buy jeans on no-cost EMI if money is tight. Use Bajaj Finserv’s EMI card to avail great offers on the choicest denims. You get to choose the repayment tenure that works for you. Then, pay for your new wardrobe staple (or staples) through easy EMIs. You no longer need a fat wallet to replenish your wardrobe.