It’s pretty cool how the top TV brands keep coming up with wave after wave of technologically advanced LED TVs; TVs that offer the best quality imagery, along with a countless other unbeatable features. Makes you want to own one right away, correct?

You might have already checked up on the best buy options on Samsung TVs several times on the internet, but with the number of models available you may still be confused. Let your family experience the true joys of Diwali this time around while adding some sparkle to your life.

Here is a list of the best Samsung 40-inch LED TVs out there.

Samsung LED 40h5100

You are most definitely aware of the fact that you can take screenshots on your smartphone. But have you ever heard of a TV that allows you to do that? Well, the Samsung LED TV from Series 5 does! Features like audio recording allow you to record your favourite snippet of dialogue or music while the Cricket Mode improves your cricket viewing experience by providing excellent picture quality and surround sound audio to go with it. For multi-device connectivity, this TV also comes equipped with 2 USB ports and HDMI ports.

Samsung LED 40h5000

The LED 40h5000 is another top LED TV release from the South Korean tech giant. Much like the other LED TVs from the 5000 range, this 40-inch TV also features a full-HD, 1080p display to give you unparalleled and strikingly rich picture quality. The Wide Colour Enhancer Plus feature has an advanced quality-enhancing algorithm that improves the imagery by adding more colour and detail to each frame. And the Sports Mode gives you the excitement of real-life viewing by increasing the level of image clarity and surround sound audio.

Samsung LED 40F7500

This revolutionary smart TV from Series 7 will never cease to amaze you with its brilliant use of technology. Equipped with a 3D, full-HD display, this 40-inch TV provides superior picture quality that adds more detail to every frame. The futuristic Smart Interaction feature allows you to control the TV without a remote; all you need to do is use gestures and voice commands. On the other hand, the Smart Hub UI with its three unique panels allows you to access a variety of content effortlessly.

Samsung LED 46F6400

This 46-inch, FHD TV from Series 6 features a sleek design and provides you with unmatched picture quality that is sure to enhance your viewing experience. With its 3 advanced panels, the Smart Hub UI flipping motion allows you to explore and switch between content easily. The Clear Motion Rate (CMR) feature generates stunning images so that you can enjoy your favourite action movie in all its HD glory. The Wide Colour Enhancer Plus feature, meanwhile, adds more clarity to an image so that you can uncover hidden details—perfect for the avid movie buff.

Samsung LED 40J5100

Another TV from the long line of Series 5 LED TVs, the Samsung 40J5100 also features a full-HD, 1080p resolution to give you that near-perfect picture quality so that you can witness detailed imagery at its best. This TV also features special modes like Sports Mode, Cricket Mode, and Indian Cinema Mode, which are specifically designed to add more colour and crispness to the pictures and give you better surround sound quality.

These five TVs are the best 40-inch Samsung LED TVs lined up in the market and are sure to revolutionise your TV viewing experience.

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