Are you ready for Amazon’s Great Indian Festive Sale? You may have a shopping list in place. But let us tell you, no amount of preparation is enough. It is time to find out what Amazon has been making a noise about.

Sale basics

The Great Indian Festive Sale is Amazon’s Diwali-special sale. It promises to make your money run longer than it ever did. The D-Day is October 1 and the sale lasts until October 5. Why is this different from other sales? Think big brands and bigger deals. Amazon promises ‘faster delivery and easy return policy’ too.

Prepping for the marathon

So how do you make the most of it? By being prepared before the sale begins. The first step is to see where you get the biggest bargains. Make note of the brands and product categories.

The next step is to throw away your shopping list and make a fresh one. Do not think in terms of immediate needs. The festive season may last for a few days but the savings you make now will last you longer. Look ahead and see what you will need in future. Think of presents to buy, appliances to upgrade, essentials you need to stock up on. Buy for the year ahead, or until the next big sale.

Once you know what your grand list comprises, it is time to research. Go on the website. Read price tags and product descriptions. Once the shortlist is in place, bookmark. Once the sale actually starts, you can play fastest fingers first. It is a safety net.

Inside Amazon

The checklist on the prep sheet runs on. Have you signed up for’s prime membership programme? Prime members get access half an hour earlier to the best deals. If that ship has sailed, fret not. Check out the curtain raiser deals. There are quite a few yummy treats. And let us not forget the app. There are certain deals exclusive to the app. So keep that phone handy when getting that much-needed retail therapy. And the cherry on the cake? Lightning deals on the site. So log on, familiarise, do the research, and flex those fingers.

Balance the books

Do not get into a buyer’s remorse as you soon as you hit ‘buy’. The savings you make now will be worth more than any self-disciplining instinct that tells you to buy later. Chances are the things you need in February will not be available at a discount of up to 70%.

Another thing to keep in mind is to opt for smart payment options. Go for an equated monthly instalment (EMI) and hold on to your cash reserve. Do you run the risk of high interest eating into the savings you make from the discounts? Not at all. Just make sure you go for a no-cost EMI card like Bajaj Finserv. This particular one is an instrument that charges no interest, no processing fees, and no penalty for prepayment. It also lets you be entirely flexible about the EMI tenure. Say, you spend to the tune of Rs 50,000 at this sale. With the EMI card, you pay only Rs 50,000 and not a penny more towards hidden costs.

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