The busier you get, the less likely you’re to find time to go to a gym. But with the increasing number of lifestyle-related diseases being diagnosed, regular exercise is essential for your continued health and longevity.

If you, like thousands other, are finding it hard to take time out to regularly visit the gym, exercising at home is the smarter and more convenient solution. As you start exercising, though, you find that basic stretches aren’t enough after the initial few weeks. You’ll need specialised equipment in order to push your body further, and meet your fitness goals.

Buying gym equipment for your home is important for your health, but it is also a big investment, financially. Treadmills, dumbbells, and spinning bikes are some of the things you could buy, but these do not come cheap.

The best way to set up your home gym? Buy the equipment with the Bajaj finance EMI card.

Easing your burdens

If you plan on waiting till you’ve saved up enough money to buy the fitness equipment you need, meeting your health goals is going to be a challenge.

Purchasing these equipments on EMI, will let you get started on developing healthy habits instantly, while you pay off the loan amount according to your convenience in easy and affordable EMIs.

An even better solution is using a Bajaj Finserv EMI Card. You can just swipe it at the vendor you’re buying your equipment from, and you’ll be all set. The pre-approved loan is loaded on your card and used to clear your purchase.

Getting your very own EMI card

When you take your gym equipment loan, you can apply for an EMI Card. The best part is that you don’t have to be an existing customer at Bajaj Finserv to apply for an EMI Card anymore. Simply apply online at the company website, on the Customer Portal login page.

The documentation required is minimal- all you need is an open Electronic Clearing Service or ECS mandate, a cancelled cheque, credit documents, and your identity and address proofs.

If you apply for the card when you’re taking out a Durable and Lifestyle finance product, you’ll get your card after the first three EMI payments. Online applicants can expect their EMI card to reach them in 7-10 business days.

The convenience factor

Repaying your loan on the EMI card can be done in monthly instalments online, which gives you all the advantages of a fitness equipment loan without any of the added paperwork or complications.
You can track the status of your card online as well. So everything from your repayment history, interest certificate, payment schedule and other relevant information is at your fingertips.

With the EMI card, you don’t have any excuses left for postponing your exercise regime. Now that you have your equipment, get exercising!

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