The problem with home electronics is that, invariably, they all decide to conk off at the same time. Romit Biswas, 35, was watching exactly this unfold at home. The microwave went first, simply refusing to light up anymore. He had noticed the walls of the refrigerator overheating of late. To top it all, the air-conditioner was refusing to cool. It was also dripping water from one corner.

Romit had bought all three about four or five years ago. And they were all out of warranty. They may not need replacement, but they would need repair. Without the cushion of a warranty, Romit worried about the hefty repair bills.

Protection for electronics

Electronics do not come cheap. So, repairing or replacing them is sure to burn a big hole in your pocket. Romit could have avoided this monetary stress. All he needed was durables insurance. Something like Bajaj Finserv’s Asset Care plan would have been useful. The plan extends coverage to a wide range of electronic goods.

Washing machine, refrigerator, and microwave oven in the kitchen? Check.

Air-conditioner in the bedroom? Check.

Printer, scanner, and fax machine in the home office? Check.

Furniture, fixtures, ceiling fans? Check.

Even the coffee machine and your trusty blender can get coverage under this plan.

Asset Care offers door-stop inspection and repair services for you electronic durables. So, you can get preventive maintenance done once the product’s regular warranty is over. The service personnel would run a functional check and even clean the appliance if required.

Besides, in Romit’s case, he could have availed cashless repairs for his malfunctioning appliances.

Data and financial security

Of course, personal electronics matter as well. In this case, Asset Care goes beyond the brief of just repair and maintenance. Imagine if you lost your mobile phone. You would also lose all your personal photos, chats, banking details, and more.

This happened to Monali Kamat, 39, when two miscreants on a bike snatched her purse. With it went Monali’s iPhone, as well as her credit and debit cards.

Luckily, she had the Asset Care plan in place. So, her first move was to call the 24-hour helpline and request to block her credit card and three debit cards. Normally, she would have had to make separate phone calls to each bank. But because of the asset protection plan, a single call did the trick. Her next step was to lock her stolen phone remotely and wipe out data to avoid misuse. She did this using the F-Secure SAFE Device Security feature of the Asset Care plan.

Further perks

Asset Care from Bajaj Finserv extends to registered cars and bikes as well. When Rajesh and Mili Bose’s car had a breakdown just outside Pune, they called the helpline for roadside assistance. Their vehicle was towed to a nearby garage. After some basic repairs, the Boses were on their way again. Asset Care provides roadside assistance services across 400+ cities in India.

In fact, the multi-lingual helpline offers appliance-related support too. Mrs Asgaonkar, 61, called the helpline for help in using her new washing machine. She was rather pleased with the advice she got.

Speaking of pleased, Asset Care has an entertainment component as well. You get a yearlong subscription to an Eros Now entertainment pack. So, once you are satisfied that your appliances are in good working order and your data is safe, curl up by the TV or a laptop. Use the Eros Now pack to unwind with your favourite movies, shows, or music.