With the various financing alternatives available on the market, buying goods like refrigerators, TVs, cars, and even a home has become significantly easier than before. However, the process calls for tedious documentation and numerous visits by loan officials to your place or vice versa.

Bajaj Finserv was India’s first NBFC to develop a dedicated app— the Bajaj Finserv App—offering on-the-go financing to consumers. The aim was to create an app that streamlines the entire process of loan approval, disbursement, and everything else related to your loan. You can use this app to purchase a wide range of products from furniture to electronic gadgets and appliances. The app has already been downloaded over a million times from the Google Play store.

In order to make the app more user-friendly and improve data security, Bajaj Finserv has updated the Bajaj Finserv app and added a host of new features. Let’s take a look at what these are.

New Updates

Touch ID and M-Pin enabled login

Touch ID M Pin

All registered users can log in to their accounts with a unique 4-digit M-Pin and a Touch ID. Once you download the app and apply for a loan, you can generate your own unique M-Pin and set-up your touch ID (fingerprint recognition) to ensure complete security of your account.

Login any way you want to


You have the freedom to select and change login preferences (Touch ID or M-Pin) from the ‘Securities’ tab on the menu bar. This gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to access your account at any given point of time while using the Bajaj Finserv app.

Easy insurance

Easy Insurance

Now, you can avail of Bajaj Finserv insurance schemes conveniently and quickly with the Bajaj Finserv app. If you’re an existing customer, you do not need to go through the hassle of applying separately from the website and filling up a whole bunch of new forms.

Referral program

Referral Programme

Refer a friend and earn—this feature gives you the chance to earn rewards when one of your references avails of a Bajaj Finserv Loan. The app integrates with your social media and allows you to add people from various contacts list with ease.

Key Features

  • Get instant approval for a loan amount up to Rs.3 lakh
  • Say goodbye to lengthy documentation
  • Nil prepayment and foreclosure charges
  • Shop in over 150 cities across more than 16,000 partner outlets
  • Login easily with Aadhaar card, Google+, LinkedIn, or Facebook details
  • Keep a tab on your loan application—EMI schedule, interest left to be paid, remaining loan balance
  • Avail exciting seasonal offers and sales offered by Bajaj

Fulfilling your dreams just got easier with the Bajaj Finserv app and its incredible new features. Click here or SMS EMI to 56070 to download the updated version of the app. The update also includes minor bug fixes to make the entire loan-taking experience even smoother. So what are you waiting for? Download the Bajaj Finserv app today!