Training is integral to the growth of any organisation. It involves enhancing the skills, capabilities, and knowledge of employees so that they can perform a particular job with increased efficiency.

But that isn’t the only benefit of training your employees. It helps to boost morale, fostering a spirit of loyalty to the organisation and hence reducing employee turnover rate. It also minimises the level of supervision required to ensure that an employee does the job right.

So in essence, training is essential to help improve the overall efficiency of an organisation.

Keeping this in mind, we, the Leadership & Development Team at Bajaj Finserv, have launched our very own Rural Training Centre (RTC), located at our Rajgurunagar branch, just outside Pune. This unique initiative has been set up to help our employees learn the necessary skills required to excel in the rural lending business.

The rural lending business has developed exponentially over the last 2 and a half years, and we plan to help it grow at an even faster pace.

  • Our employees will be taken through certain activities to help them strengthen the skills required for their roles
  • Employees will be given a general overview of our products and an in-depth explanation of how they work
  • They’ll be asked to work in a simulated customer environment, to help them hone their customer interaction skills
  • Every employee will experience a hands-on approach to the entire process of product operations in the company
  • Rural employees will have an interactive classroom session with a few top business leaders and industry experts in the market
  • They’ll also have a session of live customer interactions, with the customers who visit our Rajgurunagar branch

We’re certain that our rural employees will benefit from the comprehensive training approach adopted in this new RTC initiative. We hope to empower them with the skills and knowledge needed to build their careers and help Bajaj Finserv soar to greater heights.