For the culinary traveller, there is no better reason to travel than to try out new and exciting cuisines. That feeling as you bite into a dish with flavours that are foreign yet delicious is what culinary travel is all about. Asia has quite possibly the widest variety of cuisines in the world. We’ve picked some of the cities that have a reputation for serving up some of the best food in the world.

Kyoto, Japan
Although most people assume that Tokyo is the culinary capital of Japan, Kyoto is the seat of fine dining in the country. In fact, Kyoto has more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city in the world. When in Kyoto, be sure to treat yourself to a kaiseki-ryōri, an ancient tradition of fine dining that has been perfected in the city. It involves exquisitely plated seasonal delicacies presented in four courses.

Shanghai, China
The Chinese are known for their love of good food, and Shanghai is every foodie’s dream come true. What sets Shanghai apart from the other cities is the emphasis on street food. In this food-obsessed city, you don’t need to spend a fortune to eat like a king. Simply head to the street carts and feast on some of the best food in the city. Be sure to try the dumpling soup, scallion pancakes, and sizzling pork-stuffed deep-fried dumplings.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv is Jerusalem’s young and vibrant sibling. The restaurants here are world-class and create waves in the food fairly often. What makes Tel Aviv unique is the confluence of various cultures that come together to create something unique and inimitable. East European, West European, African and Arab flavours coexist with each other and make Tel Aviv an important destination for foodies.

Another melting pot, Singaporean food often draws from Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. The city is known for its hawker centres, which are large food courts that are lined with street food stands selling cheap, fresh and delicious local fare. The first hawker centre to ever be honoured with a Michelin star, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, is a must-visit when in Singapore.

Tokyo, Japan
No list on the best food destinations would be complete without including the city that gave the world sushi. While sushi only makes up a small portion of the variety of food on offer here, be sure to spend an early morning in the famous Tsukiji fish market. After touring one of the most impressive fish markets in the world, settle down at one of the many sushi bars in the market, and tuck into some of the freshest sushi available in the world.

Lucknow, India
Lucknow is often overshadowed by Delhi, but the city – home to the rich Awadi cuisine – has some of the best kebabs and biryanis in the country. The royal cuisine of Awadh is known for its quiet decadence and sophistication. Dum biryani, which is now popular all over India, has its origins in Lucknow.

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