No one can have just one! Umm, not potato chips, but shoes. Why shoes? Well, they are a girl’s second-best friend after diamonds, and a man’s loyal companion. Your skinny jeans may hang loose after a month in the gym. Your blazer buttons may pop after a month outside of it. But your shoes will never betray your trust. And come on! We all know they make or break an outfit. A word to the wise? If you find a pair that is stylish and comfy, always buy two.

This can pinch your budget somewhat. But there is a way out. Turn to a no-cost EMI card like the one from Bajaj Finserv before you go shopping. You can grab women’s casual shoes with no-cost EMI and buy casual shoes for men with an EMI card.

Remember, you wear casual shoes everywhere, and for longer. You can get away with boring Oxfords at work. But a day-to-date pair of ballet flats, or colourful loafers, is a different ballgame. If you are wondering how to buy men’s casual shoes at best price on EMI, read on. There are a lot of options to buy women’s casual shoes with an EMI card as well. And if you are pressed for time, just browse for women’s casual shoes online on no-cost EMI. You get a whole range of brands like Roadster, VANS, Adidas Neo/Originals, Allen Cooper, GAS, Fila and more on no-cost EMI! Then, there are the ones you lose our heart to:

  1. Men’s leather slip-ons from Puma: Slip-ons are the comfiest of them all. Whether you walk around the block or go for a pizza date, they serve you well. Puma’s leather slip-ons are long-lasting, sturdy, and stylish. Forget about the price though, because you can now buy Puma shoes with an EMI card.
  2. Bellies from Fuel for women: Bellies can go with anything. Think shorts, minis, leggings, or a cute skater dress. Fuel has a bright, nice range. Pinks and blues for a brunch with the girls, tan ones to wear to work. Get your favourite hues from Fuel with your EMI card.
  3. Men’s boots from Woodlands: You can be a trekker or an activist. You can be ready to hit a trail or to step on the gas pedal. Woodland boots work very well for the rugged, outdoorsy man. They are easy on the feet and easy on the eye. You can find Woodland shoes for men on no-cost EMI at most fashion stores.
  4. Women’s espadrilles from Mast & Harbour: These light canvas shoes have plaited fibre soles. They work wonders for the blood circulation in your feet. Check out the ones from Mast & Harbour at no-cost EMI. Totes adorbs.
  5. Floaters from Adidas: A pair of floaters is mandatory in any man’s shoe rack. Nothing suits a lazy mood better. Best paired with shorts, beer, and bros. Pick your pair from the huge selection from Adidas on EMI.
  6. Slingbacks from Shoetopia: Slingback sandals look gorgeous. Dress them up or down. Pair with a sheath dress for a girls’ night out or slip them on with dark denims. They are a fail-safe buy. Get your slingbacks from Shoetopia with your EMI card for that hot date.
  7. Men’s running shoes from Nike: Nike offers the best selection of running shoes. These shoes have slip-proof sole traction. When you are not running, pair them with shorts or denims and step out. They can be a bit expensive, but why worry? You can now buy Nike shoes on EMI.
  8. Women’s flip-flops from United Colors of Benetton: Flip-flops are to women what floaters are to men. They are the comfiest. They are ideal for a walk on the beach or a bonfire evening. UCB’s flip-flop collection is replete with polka dots and warm colours. Buy yourself a pair from United Colors of Benetton at no-cost EMI today.

Buying so many shoes at once can wreak havoc on your budget. But you can spread out your expenses with an EMI card from Bajaj Finserv. This card gives you a preapproved loan, sans any processing cost or interest charges. It even lets you decide how much you want to pay each month. Now that is a super deal. So go ahead and splurge!