If you thought foreign trips were out of budget for Indians, allow us to set the record straight. Here are 13 budget-travel destinations that don’t compromise on any experience.

1. Seychelles
This exotic island in the Indian Ocean is still untouched and pristine, the perfect venue for some intimate time with your better half. August is the best time to visit, but off-season rates mean that Seychelles will be more affordable and the beach more private, so time your vacation in a way that gets you the most bang for your buck.

2. Thailand
Love gorging on Thai curry? Why not experience the authentic and first hand version in its homeland! Airfare to Thailand is supremely affordable, and you can experience high-end luxury at reasonable prices, in a country renowned for its warm hospitality.

3. Vietnam
Vietnam is a hidden jewel that offers rugged sceneries in the north and tropical islands along the coast. For foodies, there is plenty to try, ranging from the weird to the exotic, and a whole host of seafood to satiate your appetite.

4. Cambodia
Home to the famous Angkor Wat temples, Cambodia is a hotbed of heritage and rugged landscapes to excite both the history buff and outdoor-adventurer.

5. Sri Lanka
India’s southern neighbour offers great holidays at affordable prices. As culturally rich as India, Sri Lanka is also a haven for nature lovers with national parks and scenic locations that are guaranteed to take your breath away.

6. Singapore
A cosmopolitan city in every way, Singapore has much to offer in terms of nature, culture, cuisine, art, architecture and even beaches. With so much to experience, Singapore has enough going on to fill every moment of your holiday with excitement and adrenaline.

7. Malaysia
Beautiful and warm Malaysia will amaze you with its beaches, national parks and marine life. The nightlife is sure to leave you breathless, wanting more out of your first trip to this vestige of charming, classical Asia.

8. Bangkok
A haven for shopaholics, Bangkok is the ultimate destination for marathon shoppers, and foodies who love the flavours of street-side cuisine. Famous for budget travel, you will get more bang for you buck all the way in Bangkok.

9. Bhutan
Home to some of Buddhism’s most beautiful temples, Bhutan intersperses monasteries with pristine natural beauty. Trekking and other outdoor adventure is also popular in Bhutan, and we can promise an unforgettable experience in this serene country.

10. China
Forget everything you think you know about China and imagine this – Chinese architecture, authentic dim sums, beauty at every street corner and a culture as old as time.

11. Japan
With a singularly unique culture in Asia, Japan is a fairy tale of gardens and spirituality. For food lovers and aesthetes alike, Japan is a destination made of dreams.

13. Iran
Filled with monuments and ancient cities, Iran is country steeped in culture, history and religion. The desert safaris and museums are a must-do for any serious traveller.

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