Do you feel confused by the different styles of T-shirts, shirts, and blouses on display at your favourite store? Have you ever wondered which one would go best with your denims and which one you should team up with a skirt? Here are some tips to clear your doubts and help you update your wardrobe. And how about updating your financing options as well? Pay with an EMI Card this time and enjoy stress-free shopping.

Buy Casual and Formal Shirts for Women on EMI

Experiment with different looks with different types of shirts. The best part is that now you can buy shirts for women on EMI. So, no more going broke while shopping when you have the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card in your purse.

  • The Blouse: Blouses are dressy shirts that come in a variety of styles. They have collars, buttons, and sleeves. The sleeves can be short, medium, or long. Blouses are usually quite airy and made of delicate fabrics such as silk or satin. Blouses can come with ruffles and other details. Blouses go well with jeans. Remember, you can buy shirts for women on no-cost EMI. So, don’t let the price tag bother you.
  • The Formal Shirt: These are ideal for the corporate look. They are less dressy and simpler than blouses. These also come with collars, buttons, and sleeves. However, the sleeves will usually be long, though some styles come with short sleeves. Formal shirts are best paired with formal trousers. But you can wear them with simple, dark-coloured jeans on casual days. UCB has formal shirts that are great for office wear. Buy UCB shirts for women on no-cost EMI and flaunt a classy, professional look.
  • The Denim Shirt: These buttoned shirts are made of soft denim. They are strictly casual. So, don’t wear these to the office. Check out Wrangler for great denim shirts in different styles.

Buy Women’s T-shirts on no-cost EMI

When it comes to T-shirts and tops, you have many more styles and types to choose from. You can buy ladies’ T-shirts on EMI Card, too. So, you can buy as many as you want to without worrying about your pocket.

  • Crewneck or Round-neck T-shirts: This unfussy T-shirt is a classic. Pair it with a fun, printed A-line skirt to change your look. If you want to go low-key, pair it with an understated pair of jeans. You can buy these from brands like Nike, Levis, Next, and Calvin Klein. Buy Levi’s ladies’ T-Shirts on an EMI Card, and save yourself some big bucks!
  • V-neck T-shirts: These T-shirts come with a slightly plunging V-neckline. This makes it look more feminine than the round-neck T-shirts. Choose one with nautical stripes and pair it with a dark-blue skirt or jeans to look classically French. You will not have to look beyond Jockey for V-neck T-shirts. Just buy ladies’ T-shirts with the EMI Card on no-cost EMIs and get one in every colour.
  • Polo T-shirts: This is the female equivalent of the men’s polo T-shirt. It has a collar and a few buttons near the neck. These are also called golf or tennis T-shirts. Get them from brands like Lacoste, American Crew, Fila, and Lee. These may not be cheap but you can buy Lee women’s T-shirts on no-cost EMIs. So, don’t worry about overspending on your budget.
  • Graphic T-shirts: These are comfortable and casual. They look best with jeans. And, they make up the quintessential college girl look. Take your pick from Levis or Puma.
  • Tunics: These are loose-fitting garments that hang below the waist. They look chic and are very comfortable. Wear them over skirts, jeans, or leggings. You can get the best tunics from Global Desi and W.

With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card, you can buy more than one of each type of casual or formal shirts and T-shirts. The card has no interest charges. So, you repay only the price you paid for the items. As it is an EMI Card, you can repay the money in instalments over three to 12 months. So, what are you waiting for? Update your look today with a shirt you like!

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