‘Handbags are like friends—you can never have too many,’ says the popular quote. Women love their handbags and most would love to own a different handbag for every occasion. In fact, some handbag fans are even likely to break their banks trying to buy that one perfect handbag. But that is a thing of the past. You can ow buy ladies’ handbags with the EMI card from Bajaj Finserv. This is not a credit card, but more of a an instant pre-approved loan.

Need a new bag without overshooting your budget? You could buy handbags for women on EMIs in the styles mentioned below:

Casual handbags: You use casual handbags for everyday use. You carry them to the mall, the movies, or even on a casual date. There are different types of casual handbags that you can choose.

  • Cross-body or sling bag: The cross-body bag is a popular favourite. It is comfortable and so convenient to use. You can buy casual ladies’ handbags on EMIs. Check out Lavie and Miss Bennett for different styles and colours.
  • Oversized totes: These bags are your best friend when you go shopping. Everything fits into these bags. No wonder you keep losing your phone in them.
  • Day Clutch: This is also called a brunch bag or purse. They are great for when you are going out for a short while. These purses add zing to your look if you match your clutch to your outfit. You can buy a ladies’ purse on EMIs with the Bajaj Finserv EMI card from Butterflies.

Party handbags: These are your go-to bags for when you go clubbing at a fancy lounge or the hippest discotheque. Think of them as a step up from the casual handbag style. They can be quite eye-catching. They may come with rhinestones and bling. You will find them in different shapes, sizes, and styles. From the ubiquitous clutch to the big and bold handbag, you have no dearth of choices. These bags are far from cheap though. Do you want to save your pocket from unnecessary expenditure? Buy designer party handbags with the EMI card from Baggit. You could also buy designer handbags with the EMI card from big brands. Check out Lino Perros, Furla, and Steve Madden.

Festive handbags: Choose these bags for celebrations, including weddings and occasions like Durga Puja and Diwali. They have an ethnic look and often feature exquisite Indian handwork and embroidery. These bags come in a variety of colours. Buy a number of these bags to match your colourful Indian ethnic wear. Buy festive handbags for women on EMIs online or at Bajaj Finserv’s partner outlets.

Travel handbags and purses: Travel handbags can be big and roomy. They are ideal for trips. You can fit in your clothes and other essentials with ease. They often come in the duffle bag style. Duffle bags, in particular, often double up as gym bags. Travel purses are meant to store your money, currency exchange cards, and credit and debit cards. They also have slots for your passport, visa, and different proofs of identification. They are usually made from good-quality leather and are water-resistant. You can buy travel purses on EMIs from Diana Korr.

Formal handbags: Formal handbags are understated and classy. They are made of leather and come in colours like black, brown, light beige, and tan. Designers today have expanded the colour palette of the formal handbag. You now get them in colours like light pink, blue, green, and even red and purple. Formal bags are worn to the office and to professional events. Buy formal handbags with the EMI card from brands like Caprese, Hidesign, Lavie, and Fostelo.

Go handbag shopping on no-cost EMIs

With the Bajaj Finserv EMI card, you can buy ladies’ handbags on EMIs with ease. There is no added burden of interest fees and hidden charges. Just swipe your card and choose your tenure. Then pay only the price of the handbags in easy instalments. It is that easy.

Do not let a limited budget ever be a hindrance again. Go bag yourself the best bags this season with your EMI card.