Buying property is serious business especially when you decide to take a loan for it. Make sure you commence the process with a clear mind as to the kind of Home Loan you want and the repayment structure. There are many tips to get approval for a Home Loan application. Some of them are:

  • Clear off old debt before taking a new loan.
  • Maintain a good credit score and ensure that you have a favourable credit history.
  • Keep all your documents in before you apply for a loan. Some documents required for Home Loan include properly filled-out loan application, proof of residence and identity, photographs, and bank account statements amongst others.

If you’re looking for a source to finance your Home Loan, you can consider the Home Loan offered by Bajaj Finserv with an exciting interest rate. alternately, if you run a business enterprise, you can opt for the Home Loan for self Employed offered by Bajaj Finserv.

Are You Eligible for a Home Loan?

Ensure Home Loan eligibility with a few simple steps. as a salaried individual applying for a loan, job stability is of utmost importance. lenders will run a background check at your workplace so ensure that you provide the right information. they will also check if there are any loans already sanctioned to your name and your past repayment trends. usually, you are eligible to get up to 80% of the property value as loan

Be Prepared Before Taking the Plunge

Be aware of the costs involved in getting a Home Loan. Choose a lender wisely based on the interest rate they offer and the duration of the loan. Keep in mind that you will incur extra charges such as processing fee and service charge for the loan acquisition process. Understanding how to qualify for a Home Loan can be easy if you know what you’re dealing with. with a plethora of options available, you can choose one that gives you competitive Home Loan interest rates. once you get your Home Loan and invest in a new house, you will need to furnish it. Bajaj Finserv offers Durable Finance facility to purchase electronic appliances for your new home.

CIBIL Scores Come into Play

One of the most important tips to qualify for Home Loan is to have a healthy credit score. your cibil score for Home Loan should be anywhere around 750 or higher. don’t worry if your credit score is not in that range yet. you can always take measures to improve it before applying for a loan.

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