A Chartered Accountant (CA) loan from Bajaj Finserv offers a plethora of benefits. To name a few, it comes with affordable interest rates, fast approvals and minimum documentation.

If you are a practicing CA, you can avail this loan to set up your own CA firm or expand the scale of operations of your existing firm. So if you have been planning to avail a loan recently, we can give you another reason to do so.

Take a CA loan between 26th June to 3rd July and get an assured Lenovo tablet. Here are the details:

Hurry! Offer valid for a limited period

Bajaj Finserv prioritises customer satisfaction. The new flash sale offer makes CA loans all the more attractive for the customers. Now, if you take a CA loan from Bajaj Finserv, you get an assured Lenovo tablet. This exciting offer has a limited validity. You will be entitled to this amazing gift only if you take a loan between 26th June and 3rd July.

Besides this, Bajaj Finserv’s CA loans offer several other benefits to the customers.

So what are the benefits of a CA loan

Loans up to Rs.30 lakh

Every business requires capital. Bajaj Finserv helps you fulfill such needs. You can find several lenders online. But, Bajaj Finserv offers you the highest loan amount. You can borrow up to Rs. 30 lakh for a tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months. What’s more is that you can get the money at attractively low-interest rates. You can fund your business in the most effective manner with such a CA loan.

Flexi loan offers

If you are a CA looking to finance your business in the most flexible manner, you can opt for a flexi loan. Such a loan allows you a certain amount of credit. You can withdraw money from this line of credit as per your needs. An advantage of this loan is that you pay interest only on the amount that you use, and not for the entire assigned amount. Also, if you have any surplus funds, you can prepay the loan. This can be a good loan option since it helps you save cost. As an existing customer, you are also entitled to certain preapproved loan offers from time to time.

Easy accessibility

The internet has become the need of the hour. It not only saves time but also offers convenience. This is crucial for any business. You can save your precious time by transacting online. You can easily apply for a CA loan on Bajaj Finserv’s website. Moreover, this can be done at any time of the day as per your convenience. To give a first-rate service to you, Bajaj Finserv has an online customer portal. You can log in here to view any loan-related details. You can also use the helpline numbers in case of any difficulty.

Easy approval and quick disbursal

You can get a CA loan from Bajaj Finserv with very few formalities. Such loans are secured. You do not need any guarantor or collateral for availing them. Also, the document requirement is kept to a minimum. You just need to submit your basic identity, income, and employment proofs. The approval and disbursal process is also quick. You can get approvals for your loan within five minutes. Also, you do not have to wait for a long time for your money. It gets credited to your account within a reasonable amount of time.

The bottom line

You can easily enhance your career with a CA loan. Such loans are flexible and easy to avail. The entire borrowing process is hassle-free. In addition to these, you get exciting offers from time to time.

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