Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India, and with attractive discounts all over the market for consumer goods, the celebration doesn’t stop. And when it comes to refrigerators, major brands offer some of the best prices during this festive season. If you are planning to buy a premium-quality refrigerator, then add some spark to your celebration by going for one of the best high-end refrigerators on the market—the Whirlpool 702 French Door.

Not too sure what’s so special about Whirlpool French Door Refrigerators? Read on to know what makes this premium appliance a must-buy, this season.

State-of-the-art Technology

Whirlpool 702 French Door is powered with the latest, innovative cooling technologies. One of its most impressive features is the DC inverter compressor, which ensures uniform cooling by adjusting the fan speed and automatically sensing the food load. Some other impressive features include intelligent temperature control through an LED smooth-touch control panel, fresh UV light to kill pesticides, DCDA (Dual Cycle Dual Air Cooling System) technology to create independent refrigeration zones, and an automatic ice-maker. It also boasts of high moisture retention technology which ensures fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer durations. Additionally, the appliance works efficiently even without a voltage stabilizer.

As Handy as can be

The Whirlpool 702 French Door has been crafted from a consumer’s perspective and will certainly be one of the most utilitarian electronic appliances in your kitchen. The cooling unit boasts of two separate fruit and vegetable boxes to provide more storage space for groceries. The refrigerator is also equipped with wide grocery bins and flexible shelves to create customised spaces for your food products. The high-end unit contains interior LED lights in all the refrigeration compartments to provide proper illumination.

Purchasing a high-end refrigerator is a huge investment and may require some financial assistance. Hence, consider opting for trusted financiers like Bajaj Finserv, who offer Diwali offers on refrigerators with finance of up to INR 3 lakhs. Purchase your luxurious Whirlpool French Door with the interest-free finance on refrigerators offered by Bajaj Finserv, along with additional benefits like online account access and minimal documentation. Also, you can prepay the loaned amount up to 6 times in a year, without worrying about prepayment penalties.

Stylish Like a Model

While keeping your food fresh and clean, the Whirlpool 702 French Door will also be the most stylish and classy product in your kitchen. This side-by-side door refrigerator sports a sleek and clean-looking structure, which will certainly complement your kitchen decor.

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