Curiosity is the biggest driver to growth for self-motivated people. They are never happy with the status quo and often look for new challenges.

Author Hal Gregersen urges business leaders to ask questions in an interesting article published in Harvard Business Review. He argues that sometimes asking uncomfortable questions means making tough decisions about an existing strategy.

Human resource is the department which understands the importance of asking questions the most. The question that the HR department needs to ask is, if they are ‘just people managers’. They can help bring about a culture change and hence help in building a better organizational culture. Managers are constantly under pressure to figure out ways to enhance efficiency and productivity of the organization by raising questions and improving the existing processes. As a manager, you need to challenge yourself and everyone within the organization.

A high-level of employee engagement is rewarding for businesses. A people-centric approach is claimed by many organizations. However, focusing on moving forward constantly usually makes companies stand out. These companies then, in a way, become ‘future’ ready to manage any potential risks they may face in terms of talent.

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