The shimmering festival of Diwali brings you innumerable reasons to celebrate and rejoice. One of those reasons is certainly an indulgent shopping spree for consumer durables, which come with major festive discounts. If you too are planning to buy a useful appliance this festive season, then what better way to celebrate than purchasing one of the best refrigerators on the market?

But buying something substantial and valuable like a refrigerator requires a great deal of research on the options available. So to make your decision easier, here’s a list of the 5 top refrigerator brands of 2015.

Enjoy Innovation with LG

LG provides you with a number of refrigerators that are equipped with innovative features and the latest technology. The LG catalogue brings you numerous size and design options suitable for different needs, from small single door models to large side-by-side fridges. Their refrigerators are famed for the innovative green ion door cooling technology, which preserves freshness up to 2.5 times longer. For example, the LG Frost Free range offers various beneficial features like Smart Connect and Smart Inverter Compressor, helping save up to 36% of energy consumption. It also features LG’s innovative Smart Diagnosis feature, which detects probable defects and problems in the appliance.

Go Sleek with Samsung

The Korean electronics giant offers premium-quality food storing options that boast of delightful visual design. The simple structure, sleek and clean-looking hinges and intelligent features are some of the hallmarks of a typical Samsung product. The company offers a number of size options to consider, from economical, 190L single-door refrigerators to expensive, 900L double-door units. Samsung’s latest French Door refrigerator offers several practical utilities like automatic temperature adjustment and smart storage option for groceries. It also comprises of a bacteria safe Ionizer that effectively kills germs and keep the food clean and fresh.

Videocon for Simplicity

Videocon is among the most trusted and popular refrigerator brands in India, catering to consumer electronic needs since 1979. It brings a variety of simple yet utilitarian models under different categories like side-by-side, frost free, direct cool, and welcome series. Appliances under direct series are particularly famous for their captivating floral and motif prints that are available in bright colours.

Whirlpool for Freshness

Whirlpool offers state-of-art food storing solutions with their pro frost control technology. Their compact refrigerators should definitely be a blip on your radar because of their e-lighting technology that enables uninterrupted operation for a small duration even during power cuts. A wide array of options for single-door units, equipped with veg fresh crisper technology, are offered by this American multinational.

Save Energy with Godrej

Godrej, the Indian conglomerate, is famous for their economical single-door and double-door cooling units that come with 6-star rating, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. Godrej refrigerators come with eye-catching exteriors and offer storage options between 185L to 343L. Aroma lock and anti-bacterial technology are some of the additional features aimed to keep the food fresh and healthy for longer durations.

These are some of the top refrigerator companies in India. Have a thorough look at their product catalogues and pick the one that meets your requirements the best. If you are wondering about the financial aspect of the purchase and looking for some attractive Diwali offers on refrigerators, then you should consider financiers like Bajaj Finserv who provide easy finance on refrigerators. Under their Lifestyle Finance offering, you can avail of some great features like on-the-spot approval, part prepayment facility, and easy online access. The best part? You don’t have to deal with the hassles of excessive documentation if you choose Bajaj Finserv.

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