A belt is more than just a tool for holding up your trousers: A good belt can add to your look. Belts are essential for formal wear, in particular. But belts also work with chinos, jeans, and even your favourite cargo shorts. Which pants can you team with a belt? That is easy! If there are belt loops, you can wear a belt with it.

Choosing the right belt as per the outfit and occasion is very important. So, it is good practice to choose durable and quality belts. Cheaper ones tend to wear out easily and you would have to go shopping for belts all over again. Why tighten your purse strings when it comes to buying an expensive belt? Get any stylish belt on no-cost EMI.

Belt it up

The black dress belt: This is the most formal type and ideal for your formal suits. Many brands make this type of belt, but you should go only for the best. The ideal option would be a belt made of fine leather and with a sophisticated silver buckle. No ornate, decorative buckles on this belt, please! Look at a men’s Louis Philippe belt on EMI if you are out shopping for a formal belt.

The brown dress belt: Another formal option is the brown dress belt. But pair this with brown shoes, just as you would pair a black belt with black shoes. Woodland has an excellent range of brown leather belts made of high-quality leather. That makes them a little expensive. But you can get Woodland belts for men on no-cost EMI. Yes, you can avoid the pocket pinch when you buy leather belts on EMI.

The casual leather belt: Do not pair your black dress belts with your jeans or chinos. Instead, get hold of a casual leather belt. These look a little more rugged. They are also a bit wider. To get your casual look on point, check out Tommy Hilfiger’s range of casual leather belts. These cost upwards of Rs 2,000, but you can avoid buying in cash or charging your credit card. Buy Tommy Hilfiger belts for men on EMI instead.

The smooth suede belt: A suede belt is your go-to belt for a casual day or night out. Be it happy hours with colleagues or casual dining with friends, the suede belt is your best bet. Besides, they make a nice change from regular leather belts. Get one online from Swiss Military Hanowa. Remember, you can buy men’s belts on no-cost EMIs even at your favourite ecommerce sites.

The slim belt: Slim belts have a width of just one inch. They are certainly trendy but may not be suitable for very formal occasions. Pair your slim belts with chinos and polo shirts, or even with a linen suit. If you are shopping at brands like Park Avenue, you could pick up a great-looking slim men’s belt on no-cost EMIs.

The fabric belt: Are you tired of the same old leather belts? In that case, try the fabric belt. It is perfect for the beach or when attending a barbecue. Fabric belts are a fun way of injecting colour into an outfit. Youth-oriented brands like Levi’s and Puma have fun fabric belts that can dress up a casual look. You can even buy a Puma belt for men on EMI if you have Bajaj Finserv’s EMI card.

With no-cost EMIs, you can shop for belts to your heart’s content. Use the Bajaj Finserv no-cost EMI card to enjoy interest-free shopping. Get the flexibility of EMIs and choose the repayment option that suits you best. So, what are you waiting for? Add the final touch to your wardrobe by buying the perfect belts to suit every occasion.