Every house needs to be re-transformed into a loving home every 5 years as the walls start to look drab, the paint starts peeling and the upholstery shows signs of wear. More importantly, as the family grows, more efficient use of space may be the need of the hour. With changing styles in contemporary décor, and the introduction of new and more environmentally options, home improvement ideas are as abundant as your financing options. Let’s take a look at what you can achieve with a personal loan.

Taking a personal loan for home improvement is a great way to improve your house. A personal loan that can be repaid over a period of time allows the homeowner the comfort of refurnishing or remodelling of even expanding to the house with ease.

With financing your home improvement no longer being an obstacle, you have the freedom to decide what you want to do to your existing living space. While upgrading the furniture and electronics in your home is something that you do on a regular basis, here is a list of possible improvements that will enhance your house:

  1. Earmark some space to let out or rent for additional income

    As the children leave to pursue their education and then jobs, you might find that your house is being underutilised. To continue to have the lifestyle you enjoy even once you retire, you could consider the possibility of renting a room or a section of the house. You can remodel your house to incorporate this by segregating a portion that can be leased or rented. Creating a separate entrance or even a staircase from the outside leading to an upper level for tenants may be a good idea. You may utilise the terrace, build a whole floor, use the space over your garage or a part of the backyard or garden to add a room that you can rent out to generate extra income.

  2. Invest in sustainable or green home improvement

    With sky rocketing electricity prices and the approaching summer, it is worthwhile to save money on power bills as well as keep your house cool by adding solar panels to the roof and using the energy of the sun to run the air conditioning or other needed functions. Not only will this make you more environmentally friendly, but also lower your power bills! Some other tips for green home improvement may be to add a rain water harvesting pit in your home so as to use rain water more efficiently or even to use sustainable materials to build that patio or extra room you always wanted.

  3. Use the attic

    Over time most homeowners forget about the existence of the attic and it is therefore the one space that is most underutilised. Typically an attic is used to store household junk and is not considered a part of the usable space. Depending on your need, you can convert the attic into an additional room, a mini theatre or even a ‘pillow room’ making it an additional space where family and friends can unwind. It can also be converted into an additional study if the children need a stress-free space to study.

  4. Utilise the space under the staircase

    The staircase or rather the space under the staircase is often overlooked. If can be used in many interesting ways, from housing your book or wine collection to using it for storage with sliding out shelves or top opening spaces. Determine your requirements for storage and use the staircase to free up space elsewhere in your house.

  5. Build yourself greener surroundings

    In case you are lucky to have space outside the four walls of your home, use it to add a tree house or a small art studio, which can double as a guest room. You will probably need to get the garden landscaped for the complete effect. A green surrounding to your house will also add value to your house. Spending time outside and surrounded by nature will also help you to calm yourself after a long day at work and will be a great start to the day!

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