Ramesh Babu (35) woke up early that day. The entrepreneur had just returned from an official trip to Bangalore. He was keen to check out his new office in Coimbatore — the office he built brick by brick. As he was about to start the ignition key of his Renault Kwid, his secretary rang him up. A fire had broken out in the office. A dazed Babu sat on the wheels for what seemed like ages. It was good fortune that the office was vacant. Fire and rescue personnel were doing their best to put out the fire. He was unable to assess the kind of damage the fire without actually seeing it. It then dawned on Babu that he had not bought an enterprise insurance cover for his office. If only he had, he would have escaped this misfortune.

Comprehensive cover for businesses
Insurance policies for businesses have assumed a lot of importance these days. Businesses are subject to many risks. These include fires, explosions, burglary, damages to property, riots, strikes, and malicious damages. Natural calamities like storms, thunder, flood, and inundation also affect businesses. You can buy insurance cover for all these risks. But, such a risk list will be quite exhaustive and expensive. A single comprehensive insurance cover to take care of most of these risks would be perfect.

Bajaj Allianz’s commercial package for establishments or offices is such an exciting product. It has been in particular designed to mitigate the risks that an enterprise or office often faces. This single policy covers several contingencies to give businessmen or entrepreneurs peace of mind.

Special features of the plan
A key component of the policy is money insurance. This guards the business from thefts and robberies. A lot of money needs to be in transit for the sake of business and is vulnerable to risks. Several businesses have suffered losses when money is in transit. The cover under this policy starts from the time the insured/authorized employee carries money. It ends when the money reaches the destination/point of delivery.
A highlight of the plan is the protection to the expensive plate glass in the office interiors. These are especially vulnerable to riots or natural calamities. Besides, the plan also covers third party payments in legal liability to a great extent. Businesses often face legal issues which need to be settled by making upfront payments. A cover for such unforeseen payout is helpful to businessmen or entrepreneurs. It saves them from a lot of hassles.
Another aspect also sets this plan apart from the rest. It is its special coverage of baggage that accompanies an insured. While travelling on business trips, baggage is prone to thefts or accidents. This may result in a loss of contents. In such cases the coverage will not exceed the policy’s sum insured. The baggage may also get damaged due to careless handling. In such cases, only repairing costs get reimbursed.

For more details on the product, please read the product sales brochure and rider brochure (wherever applicable) carefully.