E-commerce is changing the dynamics of the business. For users, it can be associated with ease and convenience. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make India a digital country. Many online payment gateway providers support this endeavour. Online shopping has several benefits. This attracts more customers. Payment gateways play a crucial role in online shopping. Here are 5 best payment gateways in the country:


The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is an app launched by the Indian government. It aims to encourage a cashless economy. Such an app makes banking easier. Now, you can send or receive money with your mobile phone. This useful banking app is based on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) system.

BHIM is better than most digital wallets in terms of convenience. This is because it facilities direct money transfer. You do not have to transfer money to your wallet from your bank account. Also, you do not have to wait in the long bank queues. This app is safe and secure since it has a unique QR code.


PayTM is a digital payment platform. It allows you to make cashless payments for goods and services. To use this, you have to first transfer cash to your PayTM wallet. Once filled, you can use this to make payments. You can use PayTM for various purposes, such as recharging mobile phones, paying bills, and booking tickets.You can easily download PayTM wallet on your mobile phone. Payments through such a platform get you discounts. Several vendors have exclusive offers for PayTM users.  

Samsung Pay:

Samsung Pay is Samsung’s latest innovation. It is a mobile payment service that allows their users to make payments for products and services. You can make credit, debit, mobile or UPI payments with one single app. A good thing about this digital app is that it has various security features installed. For example, fingerprint authentication. Samsung also claims that none of the user information is misused. The user data is encrypted.


Mobikwik is one of India’s largest mobile wallets for shopping. You can also pay your bills and recharge your phone through this platform. Similar to PayTM, to make payments, you first have to fill your digital wallet with cash. Once filled, you can make quick payments.

Now, you do not have to worry about the security of your transactions. With Mobikwik, you eliminate the need of entering your payment details on various websites. You can conclude secure payment transactions with a few clicks. Payments through Mobikwik also entitle you to certain discounts.


Freecharge is a payment gateway company that allows you to recharge online. You can make prepaid, post-paid, DTH and metro recharge with this. You can also pay your utility bills. Freecharge makes recharging easy. The entire process is hassle-free. It offers convenience to you. Also, you get freebies with this e-commerce wonder. You get a free shopping coupon an amount equivalent to your recharge amount. Such coupons can be used at some of the biggest retail brand outlets in the country. Freecharge claims to offer free coupons and vouchers. However, many customers complain losing money on this platform. There have also been complaints about the coupons not being functional.

The bottom line:

Online payment gateways make life easier. They facilitate e-payments. This spares you the time and effort of completing your transaction.

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