One of the best things about modern finance is the ease with which you can apply for personal loan. With companies like Bajaj Finserv making the application process a cakewalk, a personal loan is usually the first choice to fund a vacation or a wedding. However, with our busy schedules, it becomes difficult to repeatedly visit a bank or a financial company office to get a loan processed. So, if you are short of time but in need of an urgent personal loan, apply online by following these simple steps! Trust us; it will take you less than two minutes!

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1. Select your loan provider and visit its website: Once you choose the loan provider, visit its website and look around for options. In fact, you should also consider the ease of operating the website while selecting the loan provider. Some companies have confusing websites. But many companies, such as Bajaj Finserv, have quite user-friendly websites.

2. Select your product: Most websites offer you a plethora of products. Be clear about your needs and what you can afford. Select the product most suitable for you.

3. Locate the ‘apply’ option: The homepage of the website will prominently display the link to the application section. The link could read ‘How to Apply’, ‘Apply here’, ‘Apply for Loan’, ‘Loan application’, ‘Apply Online for Personal Loan’, or similar. Click the link to go to that page.

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4. Open the online application form: The loan application page will list the steps for application. Go through it and click the link to the online application form.

5. Fill in the form: The form will ask for simple details like your name, address, contact details, PAN, date of birth, and gender. It will also ask for the name of your current employer, and the salary that you got in the last two months. Be careful while filling in these details. Check your salary slip to make sure you type the exact figure. After you fill in the form, click ‘Submit’.

6. Their representative will call you: Your work is done. Just wait and their representative will call you soon. He/she will give you a list of documents that you need to submit. The company will arrange to have those picked up from your home or any place convenient to you.

7. Your money is on its way! The approval process will take place quickly. If you meet the criteria, the loan will be disbursed to your bank account within 72 hours of application!

Yes, it is that simple now to get a personal loan online—apply in minutes from the comfort of your home.

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