Dr. Francis is back at his rented home after a 17-hour shift at the hospital. With erratic schedules at the hospital, he barely gets time to search for a home that suits his status and a loan to finance it. Bajaj Finserv understands this difficulty of doctors and offers a special home loan for doctors.

Let’s find out how it can help:

Quick Home Loan:

Bajaj Finserv has created a special financial product that is tailor-made for doctors. Called as the home loan for doctors, this product offers quick home loans exclusively to medical professionals. All you need to do is go online to the Bajaj Finserv website and check the home loan for doctor’s section.

Loan amount and repayment schedule:

Dr. Francis plans to buy a two-bedroom house. In addition, he also wants the house to be near the centre of the city as he doesn’t want to commute too much on a daily basis. Such a house is going to be costly, especially in metros like Delhi or Mumbai. For this reason, the loan amount offered to doctors is as high as Rs. 3 crore. You can choose from the various flexible repayment schemes available and pay the loan accordingly.


Once you apply for the loan, the immediate worry is about documentation. Filling out forms is generally a long and tedious process. Fortunately, that’s not the case here. All you have to do is fill the online form with correct details. A representative from Bajaj Finserv may contact you and come to collect all the necessary documents for verification. This would save the time you would otherwise spend going to the lender’s office. These documents include your photograph, ID proof, income and employment details along with your bank account statements.

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Fast approvals:

For someone like Dr. Francis, time is of the essence. Every second counts! That’s why it is possible for doctors to get loan approval in just 24 hours under this facility. This saves you a lot of time in uncertainty and you can move in to your dream home before you know it.

Hassle-free process:

The entire process is simple and hassle-free. There is no need to visit a branch and stand in long lines to submit your application form and documents. This is to ensure that you can continue with your noble duties without worrying about the loan sanctioning.

To sum it up:

By applying for the Bajaj Finserv home loan for doctors, Dr. Francis and others in his profession can buy their dream home.

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