Having bad credit is alarming but it does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to get a business loan. It might be that your circumstances didn’t permit you to establish a good credit history but it doesn’t mean you will not be able to do so in the future. There are definite measures to improve your credit score. However, let’s look at the various ways of applying for a business loan with bad credit.

Yes, lenders or creditors will hesitate to loan you money as they think it is a very risky venture but applying for a business loan with bad credit is possible. Firstly, make sure that you have proper paper work to show to the lender to support your cause.

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But if you are a new businessman and you do not have enough documents, you can provide a strong business plan. Show enough cash flow that your business can generate or has generated which will allow you to repay the loan that the bank gives you. Even so, the bank assesses the credit risk determined by the credit score, which is what the lenders will check before giving you a loan.

Bear in mind that the interest rates are inversely proportional to credit score. Interest rates are higher with worse credit. Having said that, the chances of getting a business loan with bad credit is higher if you can furnish some collateral. This doesn’t seem so bad considering you have all your plans intact and the chances of your business surviving are greater than fifty percent.

Starting a business loan with bad credit may not seem like an easy task, but it is possible to do so with a bit of help. This can be done in a few simple steps.

  • Get your personal credit report from your lender
  • Formulate a good business plan
  • Apply for a loan with a lender known to give loans to people with bad credits
  • Find someone who has good credit who is ready to sign the loan with you
  • Take a loan from family or friends to show working capital in your business
  • Set aside some collateral to attach with the loan

The more impressive your business plan, the higher are your chances to secure a business loan with bad credit. Your business plan must include pointers on how technically sound you are, the amount of knowledge you have pertaining to the business. It should also have a strong financial plan, human resource plan, and contingency plan along with a brief study of your target audience. Don’t forget to include what are the advantages you have over competitors.

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When it comes to attaching some collateral, bear in mind that property, jewellery or other assets can be given as security to the lender. This instils trust towards you in the lending organisation and the bad credit score is almost forgotten.

A few ways to improve credit scores is by paying off your entire balance, balance transfers and fixing your outstanding balances in part payments. Our lending institutions are always ready to help those who want to help themselves. Don’t let a poor credit score bring your hopes and dreams to a standstill. It’s time to learn from the past and take your business to a new level of success by working on your financial history and showing your willingness to make things better in every aspect of your life.

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