The New Year is right around the corner. And New Year means new fashion! It is time to chuck your boring old wardrobe. Make space for all that is hot and happening in 2017!

But, of course, buying clothes from the best brands can be a bit stressful on the pocket. So, here is some good news: You can buy apparel on EMIs. The Bajaj Finserv EMI network is the way to pay! The EMI Card makes it really easy to shop for clothes. Finance your purchases with an easy EMI scheme. You can buy clothes on EMI scheme from brand outlets as well as online retail stores. The EMI Card lets you shop without cash, which is perfect in these cash-free times. What is more, you can buy haute couture with a low down payment and interest-free EMIs.

So, you know you can grab branded fashion products on EMIs from Bajaj Finserv. What should you focus your shopping on? Since budget is no longer a hurdle, you can make your wardrobe the trendiest in town. Here are eight fashion items you must absolutely be seen in next year:

  • Cut-and-sew T-shirts: These tees have a part cut off and then sewn back. It could be a sleeve or a panel or even the collar. They look great on both guys and girls. You can buy these cool tees on no-cost EMIs.
  • Military Shirts for Men: For the ultimate macho look, go for a military shirt in khaki or camouflage colours. With shoulder straps, metal buttons, and patch pockets, these shirts say manly like nothing else. You will get quite a selection of military shirts with brands like US Polo Assn.
  • Denim Mini-skirts for Women: Get in touch with your feminine side with a hot denim miniskirt. Slightly frayed edges will give you a casual appeal. For a more bohemian look, go for over-large pockets and embroidered flowers.
  • Drop-crotch Track Pants for Men: Do your New Year resolutions include getting in shape? You will need some trendy yet comfy sweat-wear. Drop-crotch pants have a lot of flexibility and a sort of bad-boy appeal. They will make you stand out at the gym.
  • Uggs for Women: Uggs are ankle-height boots with fluffy soles. Not only are they comfortable and cosy, they are pretty to boot. Pair them with a denim miniskirt and a leather jacket for a chic winter ensemble.
  • Derby Boots for Men: To add an edge to your formal look, go for a pair of derby boots in genuine leather. Both Hush Puppies and ALDO have an excellent selection of derby boots that you can buy on no-cost EMIs.
  • Sleeveless Long Jackets for Women: When the weather is just a bit nippy, a sleeveless long jacket keeps you warm. And you can flaunt your shirt underneath. Pair a grey or white jacket with a lemon-yellow or hot-pink full-sleeved shirt. You could also choose a white shirt with a black jacket for an even more striking contrast.
  • Neon Socks for Men: Socks do not have to be boring, you know. Sometimes, they can define your whole get-up by adding a splash of colour. Try a pair of neon blue or green socks with an otherwise quiet and sober ensemble. And then, be prepared to turn a few heads!

Shopping for a new season of fashion is exciting. There are so many things to try out, and the scope to experiment is limitless. Thankfully, Bajaj Finserv allows you to buy clothes on EMIs from the biggest and best brands. You do not need to worry about the price tags either. The EMI is interest-free and has no added costs. Even the down payment is low. So, go ahead and get a head start in fashion in the coming year. After all, nothing is a better mood-lifter than a trendy wardrobe.
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