As India is all set to celebrate its 66th Republic Day this year, it might be a good idea for you to take a vacation or give a makeover to your home. Whatever your need is, you can now apply for a personal online at Bajaj Finserv and win fabulous gifts. Wondering what the deal is? Here’s the lowdown:

Offers like never before

For starters, if you get a loan approval of Rs.6 lakh or more, you’ll win an iPad mini. And, if you get a loan disbursal between Rs.4 lakh and Rs.6 lakh, then you’ll get an assured gift voucher worth Rs.5,000. This offer is available from the 20th to 27th January and in order to avail it, all you need to do is go online, apply for the loan, and get an approval within that time period.

So, if you are planning a family vacation abroad, just seal this excellent personal home loan deal and book tickets from your new iPad!

Apart from this great deal, there are hordes of other benefits offered by Bajaj Finserv.

Access your account online

When you sign up for a personal loan with Bajaj Finserv, they provide you with an online account. You can use this account to get details about your payment schedule, interest certificate, and EMI due dates. You can also keep an eye on the repayment track and watch out for other important information related to your loan account.

Opt for a flexi loan

Bajaj Finserv is one of the first NBFCs to introduce the flexi loan account facility in the Indian market. If you have a flexi loan account, you can opt for an easy part prepayment option without paying any additional charges. For example, if you get a hike in your salary, you can use the extra amount to repay your loan. What’s more, at any time during the loan tenure, you can re-avail the pre-paid amount without paying any interest charges. The interest in only levied on the loan amount and not on the prepaid amount.

And the cherry on the cake is that you can do all of this through Bajaj Finserv’s online portal and even transfer or withdraw your funds through their easy and hassle-free net banking facility.

Close your account at no additional cost

Now that you have learned about the part prepayment facility, it’s also important for you to know about the foreclosure process. If you’ve availed a loan from Bajaj Finserv, you can close your account any time after you’ve paid the first EMI without paying any foreclosure charges. This is an excellent option if you want to repay your entire loan amount and save some money on the interest charges.

Now, if you’ve made up your mind to apply for a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv, do it during the Republic Day personal loan flash sale and grab the exciting gifts!

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