There are always two sets of people climbing the organisational ladder: A fresher with a strong desire to learn, and a veteran on the field, who has years of knowledge and is seasoned with practical skills.

But is it right for ventures and enterprises to rely on expert professionals only or bring in fresh blood with no prior work experience? LinkedIn users were asked to comment on this topic and here’s what Justin Richard had to say, “An experienced mind will look for conventional solutions but a fresher will unlock new questions thus creating opportunities for growth.”

While there is a certain gravitas associated with being an experienced professional, it’s often forgotten that they too started out without any prior knowledge. The types of business, nature of work, current requirements etc, demand different levels of work experience. Some jobs need to be handled with years of experience, and some call for gambling with new ideas from freshers.

Let’s take a detailed look at both perspectives:


Why should companies rely on experienced professionals?

There is no denying the importance of having experience in your field of work and the impact it has on the decision-making process of an enterprise. Here’s what Rakeshkumar Srivastava has to say, “Experienced leaders are like engines to lead and equip the fresher “bogies” with knowledge to reach the smart destination.”

Another reason as to why experienced professionals are needed is for the training and development of the freshers. Priyam Parashar puts this thought into light as he says, “Every organisation has experienced professionals because there should be someone to guide the freshers. Experienced personnel could be the base of the organisation and fresher will be a new step or vision of the company. So, both are to be admired.”

So, for a company’s hierarchical growth, the experienced clan is vital as they have years of experience and grasp the nature of work faster than a fresher.


Why some companies hire freshers over experienced

In the words of Aishwarya Parameshwaran, “A fresher will remain a fresher if not given a chance. So the question of experience does not arise. The future rests on the shoulders of the youth, no doubt!”

One of the highlights about freshers is that they are revitalised and have a fresh attitude towards work. They have original ideas and crisp theoretical knowledge and are often willing to try out new ways of doing the tasks entrusted to them.

Here’s what Ankit Kumar Sharma thinks, “Experience is necessary for things to go in the correct way but I will prefer freshers because we need new ideas with all the changes taking place every day.”

Sakthivel Vasudevan has another point of view on this topic and feels, “There are loads to learn every day, so everyone is a fresher. Everyone is experienced from the next day of their first day.”

Sharad Dhuliya believes, “An experienced talent will have the knowledge about pros and cons of the process but a fresher will add a new dimension to it.”

According to Surabhi Gautam, “A fresher is an enthusiast, with the potential to introduce new ideas, and the experienced professional gives a finishing touch to those ideas.”

It’s only wise to say that freshers are a valuable asset for any company for they have fresh minds to learn and are fully automated to adapt to the styles of the current job market.


Why enterprises should enjoy the best of both worlds

Instead of focusing on a particular type of employee, companies should look at creating the perfect balance between experienced staff and freshers.

Here’s what the folks on LinkedIn have to say about this:

George Britto says, “Freshers are able to bring out innovation with the guidance of experienced candidates.”

Madhu Mandal rightly says, “I think a mix up of both is good, as experienced professionals should help freshers with their knowledge, and freshers will assist them with new ideas with current perspective.”

Purnima Sharma too has similar thoughts, “It should be a combination of both. Fresh ideas come along with freshers which when added with work experience is an optimum mix.”

To sum it up, no enterprise can grow with just freshers trying new things out. The inclusion of experienced professionals is vital to nurture the minds of the freshers.

Dharmaveer Singh could not be more accurate when he says, “Freshers are like cheese and experienced professionals are like old golden wine. I believe, a combination of both makes the organisation a success.”