A beach holiday is a perfect vacation for many. Sun, sand and blue ocean for as far as the eye can see. 2017 has just begun, but the rigours of the workday will soon set in and you’ll be itching for a break before you know it. So, get a head start on your planning and book your tickets in January.

Here are some of the world’s best beaches, to make your planning just that little bit easier.

  1. Fraser Island, Australia

On the sunny coast of Queensland is the world’s largest sand island, home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Fraser Island is a World Heritage Site and an ecologist’s dream, with miles of unpolluted natural paradise. The rainforest is home to trees that are over 1,000 years old, with a diversity of wildlife including flying foxes and wallabies. The cuisine on the island is another reason to visit, for a true taste of Australia.

  1. Trunk Bay, St John

Trunk Bay is one of the most photographed beaches in the Caribbean and is famous for its pristine, unspoiled stretches of sand. Located in the northwest corner of the Virgin Islands National Park, its most famous feature is the 225-yard-long underwater trail for snorkelling. Hiking is also a popular activity as tourists make their way through the ruins of historical sugar and cane plantations.

  1. Lopes Mendes, Brazil

The remote island of Lopes Mendes, located on the Ilha Grande in Brazil, is famous for its incredibly fine sand. The access routes can be difficult as there are no vehicles on the Ilha Grande. Instead it is reached through a 3-hour trek through the jungle, or by boat from the main tourist resort, Abraão. Considered the beach in Brazil for surfers, tourists trek for miles just to get a glimpse of these stunning shores.

  1. Temae and Teavora, French Polynesia

These two beaches lie alongside each other on the east coast of Moorea, an incredibly verdant region of French Polynesia. They are unique for their very distinct characteristics: Teavaro along one side of the island has shallow waters protected by a reef, which makes it the perfect spot for snorkelling. Further north, toward the airport lies Temae with its famous surf break and one of the deepest stretches of sand in all of French Polynesia.

  1. Matira Beach, French Polynesia

One of Tahiti’s most famous beaches is Matira, with its miles of powder white sand that slope softly into a lagoon of emerald water. Against a curtain of tropical foliage and gently swaying palm trees, it is easy to understand why Bora Bora is one of the world’s most sought-after vacation destinations. Thankfully, unlike most of Bora Bora, this one is a public access beach that doesn’t require paid access to visit.

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Things couldn’t get easier! So seize the opportunity and make your beach vacation of 2017 a dream come true.

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