Stylish, charming, chic, and protective. Can you guess what these adjectives describe? Well, hats. Yes, hats are the trendiest fashion accessory. They have climbed up the fashion ladder, and earned a place somewhere near the top. You can now buy women’s hats on no cost EMI. So, read on to find out more.

Buy woollen caps for women with no cost EMI card

With evenings having turned a little balmy, how about going for hats to keep up with the weather? You may like to check out brands like Needy Bee and Portia. These brands stock lovely knitted hats in a mind-boggling array of colours. These woollen beanies are just perfect for mild Indian winters. They not only keep you snug but are also high on the style quotient.

Buy women’s summer caps on no cost EMI

The primary function of hats is to offer protection from the sun’s rays. Players like Ziggle and DCS have a wide collection of summer caps. These keep the sun at bay and along with it, a host of skin problems. Read premature wrinkles and undesired tanning. They also protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. You may buy women’s sun hats with EMI card.

Buy women beach hats on no cost EMI

Going on a vacation to the beach? You could buy Fabseasons hats for women with no cost EMI. Their cool colours will sweep you off your feet. Think fluorescent green, midnight blue, and sunset orange. These wide brimmed hats protect you from the ultra violet rays of the sun.

A dress hat for race days

Race days offer a great opportunity to dress up in style and panache. So, team a floral-printed dress with a lace hat. Let your style and creativity do the talking. How about a pink hat with delicate embroidery on it? Pink has acquired a new dimension altogether. All thanks to the Amitabh Bachchan’s latest release. Apart from being soft and feminine, it is now associated with courage and strength. So, go ahead and sport pink with elan. Planet Jashan has sequinned hats to bring on the bling factor.

Buy Funcart hats with no cost EMI

Who says that you cannot have a bit of fun with hats? Funcart hats add the right amount of excitement to your sense of style. They come in quirky motifs and funky colours. They are just perfect for an outdoor brunch with your girlfriends. You may wish to go for a fedora hat to incorporate a fun element in your personality. How about colour-coding your hat with your bag and shoes to look cool and hip? Eccellente hats on no cost EMI are a great option. The latest hat doing the rounds is the gamcha topi. In spite of its humble beginnings, the gamcha has now turned trendy with a capital T.

Buy hats with no cost EMI card

So, put on your thinking caps and get set to go on a shopping spree. Choose a hat for every occasion, and experiment with colours. Bajaj Finserv takes care of your finances. Just enter the nearest Bajaj Finserv partner retail outlet, choose your products and swipe your no cost EMI card and walk away with the hat of your choice. Pay at your convenience. There are no foreclosure charges, no processing fees, and no interest. And yes, you can even indulge in online shopping, on Flipkart and Amazon, with your no cost EMI card. If you do not have a card, all it takes is a simple procedure to get one. Just ask for a Bajaj Finserv representative at their partner outlet. Fill up a form, submit some documents, and be a proud owner of the card.