Formal wear can make a man look extremely elegant. But what makes them stand out, however, is a good selection of accessories. That includes cufflinks, neckties, and pocket squares. Picking out the right accessories for your outfit is serious business indeed.

For one, you have to match the colours without them being identical. Secondly, it may be tempting to not spend too much on accessories, but remember: cheaper accessories are likely to stick out like a sore thumb against your expensive outfits. It is thus advisable to go for quality products and well-known brands.

Of course, quality always comes at a high price. That is why you should shop for your formal accessories on EMI using Baja Finserv’s EMI card. The list below gives you the names of some good outlets where you can find pocket squares for sale on no-cost EMI. To give your shirts a finished look, buy cufflink combos for men with an EMI card. For an even better deal, buy a cufflink and pocket square combo with an EMI card.

So go ahead and deck yourself in the classiest accessories this season.

  1. Pocket squares: A pocket square is a silk handkerchief kept folded in the breast pocket of a formal suit. A part of it peeks out of the pocket. Your pocket square should not exactly match your tie. You can fold it in a number of ways depending on how formal you want to look. You can get Park Avenue pocket squares on EMI card purchases to complete your formal ensemble.
  2. Cufflinks: Cufflinks embellish the look of any formal shirt. They can be plain metal, monogrammed, mother of pearl, or stone-studded. If your preference is for plain metal or mother of pearl, buy Orosilber cufflinks on EMI. Or, if you prefer a fancier look, select a stone or embossed cufflink pair from Tripin. You can now buy Tripin cufflinks on no-cost EMI. For monogrammed cufflinks, get yourself Impala cufflinks with an EMI card from Bajaj Finserv.
  3. Button sets: Formal wear does not have to be western. In fact, ethnic formal is now very much in fashion. Are you planning to wear an embroidered silk kurta to a formal gathering? Your look is not complete unless you combine it with a set of golden buttons from a brand like Sushito. You can buy plain or stone-studded golden buttons from Sushito on no-cost EMI.
  4. Ties: While several accessories are optional for formal attire, a necktie is mandatory. Every gentleman should have a large collection of ties to match each shirt. The quality and selection of your tie says a lot about you. Build your own tie collection from Paul Malone on no-cost EMI.
  5. Tie bars: Tie bars or clips hold the tie in place. They add a bit of glamour to an otherwise sombre look. Like cufflinks, tie bars can be plain, monogrammed, or inlaid with stones. You can get a huge variety of stylish tie bars from Peluche on EMI.
  6. Cummerbunds: Cummerbunds or waistbands lend an exotic air to a conventional formal get-up. They make you stand out from the crowd. Team them with bow ties and wear with three-piece suits in place of vests. You can get excellent combinations of cummerbunds and bow ties at Navaksha on EMI.

It is a good idea to shop for your accessories on EMI, because you get to spread out your payment comfortably. Bajaj Finserv’s EMI card lets you shop stress-free. You do not have to pay any interest charge or processing fees on the transactions. So, take advantage of this amazing offer and restock your accessories drawer this season.